Strip That Fat – Natural Weight Loss System

You bet… it’s easy to start feeling like a wimp and like we just don’t have what it takes to lose the weight…BUT… I’ve made a huge discovery I think you’ll find is darn good news!

Late in the evening do you feel like you turn into a junk food werewolf on the night of a full moon?

When was the last time you ENJOYED a thick gooey slab of chocolate cake? And…I mean enjoy without feeling guilty afterwards!

Maybe, like many, you’re not too comfortable answering those questions because they trigger some unpleasant even vulgar feelings inside you? …Stress?… Guilt?… Shame?

Brainwashed into believing that if you’ll only follow a diet…you’d lose weight…and when you fail it’s because you lack willpower…just “stay strong” they preach at you.

By the time you finish this letter…you’ll discover why it’s not your lack of willpower that’s hijacking your success, but how you’ve been virtually brainwashed into feeling guilty about your food.

As you’ll soon discover…When you drop your guilt – you’ll drop your weight…faster and easier than you may ever imagine.

I don’t know if you want to lose 10, 50 or 100 pounds? Or if you’re just trying to drop a dress size, firm up your upper arms or tone up your tummy.

In short you’re finally going to start seeing how you can break free of this insidious cycle and realize your goals faster and easier than you may have ever thought possible before… Ready?

Let’s explore the thought that it’s the DIET not your lack of willpower that causes you to eat when you aren’t hungry.

Then eventually not following the diet becomes so painful that you abandon the diet IN YOUR MIND, but in your heart you feel like you’ve failed again…which of course fires off an emotional eating trigger that we must attempt to put out.

YOU NEVER enjoy a morsel of food because every bite you swallow is washed down with equal amounts of guilt, shame and remorse. The guilt, shame and remorse you feel…STOP you from enjoying your food even at the very moment you’re eating it! The result of dieting is the worst thing to happen to you because… You never feel TRULY satisfied… EVEN WHILE YOU’RE EATING with the NAG, NAG, NAG of the DIET DEVIL on your shoulder!