TA Summit Sales Page$34 – Fun and Fit: Fitness experts help midlife women age actively

Wonder how to lose menopause weight when eating less and exercising more hasn’t made a difference?

If all goes well, you will age. How you grow older is largely under your control and a result of choices you make. Are you ready to transform into a more active, attractive, physically capable you? Tap into the expertise of six of the continent’s leading fitness pros who specialize in Active Aging, with a particular focus on women over 45.

We’d love to give you More, More, More (recognize the disco song?) Add the transcript of this interview to your TransformAging collection if you want to tell your hormones who’s boss.

Reinvigorate your body, mindset, and life when you implement the easy steps from our TransformAging webinar summit. Top fitness experts who specialize in making the second half of life rewarding and achievable gathered together for this six-video series. Get your own set of the entire TransformAging Summit recordings and access the proven, evidence-based secrets to become:

These recordings and accompanying slides of our landmark TransformAging Summit will help you do all that and more. Baby Boomer, Older Adult, Midlifer — whatever you call yourself, this webinar series is uniquely tailored to your specific goals, needs, and life phase. AND CLAIM YOUR FREE BONUS: Midlife Menopause, and Weight Gain

Please note that 4 of the 6 videos show the presenters, though not their onscreen slides. You still hear and see the experts, but they refer to slides you’ll have in the separate links and downloadable form offscreen.

Succeed this time with your fitness goals! Our expert fitness pros make it easy for you to follow their great suggestions and checklists. Maybe you are keen to match the slides to the audio content in the videos and follow along with your private set of slides. You can receive lifetime access to ALL the recordings and companion slides in this series for just $34 — a great value when you consider that the information our international panel shares will transform you. Click the orange button to access the “TransformAging” collection forever!

I love your very practical “can-do” ideas! You have gotten my butt into gear and motivated me to make so many changes to my diet and exercise! I’ve lost 10 lbs already and am gaining some much needed strength! I feel fabulous!!!! Thanks ladies; you’re awesome! Rena McDaniel, 24…