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Workout Music - Boost Your Exercise Results AutomaticallyClick Image To Visit SiteIntervalMP3 is a downloadable interval workout music program for your iPod/MP3 player. It can be done for whatever exercise you choose and works on all gym machines.

Whether you are training on bike, treadmill, stair stepper, using weights or perhaps just going for a run outside, IntervalMP3 will supercharge your workouts, make them a lot more fun and get you better results.
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Why Do Your Muscles Stop Growing Even When You Train Hard?

Have ever wondered why your muscles stopped growing after a few months of training even though you are training very hard? Here are some reasons why your muscles stopped growing and how to get your muscle to grow again.

Maybe you’re training too hard. Every time when you train your muscles intensely, you are actually breaking down your muscles. It’s important for your muscles to recover from the damages you’ve inflicted on them. This is why you should only train each muscle group at most twice a week. It’s also possible that you’re training too long. You can have an intense workout provided that it won’t take more than an hour each time. After 45 minutes of intensive training, your cortisol level will increase. Muscle cells are destroyed by this hormone.

Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep. In order to have good muscle growth, you need to sleep more. When you sleep, your muscles grow. So sleep more than 8 hours a day and watch those muscles growing fast.

Do you drink a lot of alcohol? If you are, then you need to know that alcohol is responsible for breaking down muscle mass not to mention other body destruction ability.

You’re not changing your workout routine. For every 6-8 weeks, there should be changes in your workout routine. If you don’t then your muscles will adapt to your routine and stop growing.

You do not progressively overload your muscles. Increasing your reps and weight is important whenever you next train on a particular muscle group. Otherwise, there is no reason for your muscles to grow.

You do not eat sufficient protein. This is important if you want to build bigger muscles. After all, protein is known is known to be the building block for muscles. One gram of protein per pound of your body weight equivalent is what you’re recommended to have. If you’re not getting enough protein with your normal diet, then try some protein shakes.

These are reasons why despite training hard, your muscles have stopped growing. There are many more methods on how to grow your muscles bigger but these reasons and how to overcome them will be sufficient for an average bodybuilding beginner.

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Improve Your Child’s Health Through Exercise

Across the globe, childhood obesity levels are rising which is why encouraging your children to exercise regularly is important. Leading to serious health issues is obesity and you need to teach your children how to live a healthy life.

Free play and setting a good example are important with children under 5 years old. If you sit on the couch all weekend, you can’t expect your child to anything different. At this age children don’t need structured formal exercise programs, they just need to be encouraged to move around. To get children active, all they need is a game of ball, tag, or running around the yard. You and your children can stay healthy and active with just family walks, a bicycle ride, or a visit to the swimming pool.

Children under the age of 7 can benefit from a peewee league where they learn fitness, teamwork, and basic skills although they are not ready for organized sports. They struggle with following all the rules of organized sports, but they can enjoy learning the basics that will help them stay fit while preparing them for little league.

When they start school, their exercise should continue and this can take a more structured form. Joining a sports club will not only get them moving, it will also help them learn much needed social skills like sharing, listening to instructions and working as a team member.

Although this is a matter of some debate, it is generally felt that young children should not do any weight training. Since their bodies are still developing, damage can be caused when they exercise with weights. Pain, discomfort, and serious problems can be caused since most often this occurs when muscles grow faster than bones.

The health of the whole family is improved with family activities and they also give parents the opportunity to spend time with their kids which is important in today’s crammed world. Each week, try to schedule one active outing for the whole family. It could be a hike, a long walk with the dogs on the beach, a mountain biking trip or just a game of baseball in the park.

To raise healthy children, exercise isn’t enough so you need to keep an eye on their nutrition as well. Eating healthy is a habit best developed from a young age. Your children’s health is your responsibility. Early on, encourage your kids to play sports and instill good habits in them and make sure you’re setting a good example by exercising yourself and eating healthy. You owe it to your children.

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