Calorie Counting – Cheapest & Easiest Way To Lose Weight

The easiest way to lose weight or at least control weight is to do it the old fashioned way and that is by calorie counting. If you are a beginner why not start by doing this and not spending money on diets and tools that you don’t know you can stick to.

If you can stick to simple calorie counting then I may move onto the next step and going with an actual diet plan. When you are counting calories continually you will start remembering the calories in each food you already eat making the processo almost automated. The next step of course from here is to figure out how many calories you should be eating a day.

This is often a very broad number therefore i would proceed and take the number using this formula and undercut it to make sure you’ll shed weight. The fantastic factor about identifying the BMR is that you know precisely how much to eat even when you do not have time for exercise. Now we are able to calculate the BMR that’s your Base Metabolic Rate.

BMR =For Men: 66 + (6.23 x your weight(lbs)) + (12.7 x height(inches)) – (6.8 x age(yrs))

BMR =For Women: 655 + (4.35 x weight(lbs)) + (4.7 x height(inches)) – (4.7 x age(yrs))

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The BMR is the base to your end calculation which is to figur how many calories you need based on your lifestyle. You can do this by simply taking your BMR and times it by 1.2 (sedentary – no exercise), 1.375 (exercise 1-3X), 1.55 (exercise 3-5X), 1.725 (6-7X). These numbers are based on how many times you workout in a week.

So putting it all together you simply need to count calories everyday to lose weight. Calories in and calories out. If you create a deficit you will lose weight, just don’t create too much of a deficit. For example if I am to consume 3000 calories with my lifestyle I wouldn’t cut back anymore then to 2500 calories a day. After awhile you will get to a point where you won’t need to look at the back of boxes to figure out the calories. Good luck to you.

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