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Hi, I’m Jenna Shannon. I know what it’s like to try a bunch of different diet programs and not experience any real changes. I’ve been studying nutrition and health since I was a teenager and I’ve experimented with all kinds of eating styles including raw foods, the Zone, slow carb and vegetarianism.
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Toning Your Muscles Through Your Workouts

In theory, it might seem like it would be much easier to tone your muscles than to build muscle mass, but this is not necessarily the case. While you typically must workout every other day in order to build muscle mass, you need to work out every day to tone your muscles! And even though the heavier weight you must use to build muscle makes it a bit more difficult, you at least get to do low reps; when your goal is to tone your muscles, you have to do high reps. If you are in a place where you want to tone your muscles, follow these tips to accomplish this more easily.

The first thing you want to do, when it comes to toning muscles, is decide exactly what muscles you are wanting to tone. A lot of people end up ditching their workouts because they decide they want to ‘tone their whole body,’ and the workouts become too intense. Early on, you should pick just a few muscles to focus on, and then you should look for workouts that will work out as many of these muscles at once as possible.

You should also choose workouts that are low-impact, especially because of the fact that you will be working out every single day in order to tone your muscles. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to workout every day if the workouts you pick are ones that you enjoy.


Also, keep your eye out for unique workouts that will enable you to tone your muscles without feeling like you are “working out.” One such workout is yoga, which is actually a great workout for helping you remain healthy as well as for toning your muscles.

You can switch to a different group of muscles once you get one group toned to the desired extent, and then you can return to that first group every once in a while. As you continue to do this, you will eventually tone all the muscles you are hoping to tone, and can then begin to rotate through your workouts a couple weeks at a time!

Although toning your muscles can be a little bit of work at first, it is well worth it, and the results will be tremendous once you get to a place where you can remain consistent with it.


Taking Good Care Of Your Car

It will be important that you view your car as an investment, regardless of whether you have an expensive, beautiful, brand new car or a car that is several years old, and even though your car will probably not appreciate in value the way most investments do, when you take care of your car correctly, you can at least ensure that it does not depreciate as quickly; keep these tips in mind as you make an effort to take care of your car, and you will be able to keep that car’s value at a reasonably high level, even as the years and the miles pile up.

Perhaps the biggest thing you will need to pay attention to in order to keep yourself safe, and to keep your car in good condition as a whole, is your tires; you should check the air in your tires at least once a month, and you should make sure you are repairing and replacing your tires when necessary (and of course, while the body of your car has little to do with safety, it has a lot to do with your car’s resale value, so make sure the body remains in good shape – keeping it clean and looking good – as this will extend the life of the body of your car as well).


Over time, a lot of people allow the interior of their car to go to pieces, as they fail to clean up spots (allowing them to turn into irremovable stains), and as they let trash and dust and smells pile up inside the car; take the time to vacuum your car once every couple weeks, remember to dust your car when you vacuum, and do not allow trash to sit in your car, as all of these things will add together to keep the interior of your car in good shape as time goes by.

And when it comes to keeping the value of your car at its highest level, the most important thing of all is that you take care of the things under the hood. Every three thousand miles you should change the oil in your car, every so often you should use fuel injector cleaner, you should keep leaves, dirt, and debris out of your engine area, you should clean battery acid as it builds up, and it will be important that you get your engine checked by a mechanic every six months or so, and you will be able to extend the life of your car much longer, while also keeping its resale value at a high level!


Increase Your Blog Readership

So, you have started a blog of your own. Maybe you are using this blog to share your thoughts on business. Maybe you will use this blog to muse about life. Maybe you are just exploring different books and movies on your blog. Regardless of what your blog covers, you are now beginning to wonder: What do I have to do to get some readers here? While a blog can be fun, it is not very useful (and not very fun) if no one is reading it! Here are a handful of simple ways to begin gaining readers for your blog.

1) Become an active reader of other blogs: You are likely to find that many bloggers become loyal to other bloggers. Usually, this loyalty is rooted in similar interests or ideas, but the loyalty is planted when one blogger begins to visit another blogger’s page. Take the time to look around and find blogs that catch your attention, blogs that are a lot like yours. Get in touch with those who write these blogs, telling them about posts you enjoyed; spend time on these pages, reading posts and commenting. These bloggers will eventually become a fan of yours as well, as they start to visit your page in turn.

2) Know what your blog is about: This can seem elementary, but so many bloggers stretch their blogs far too thin. If you start with a small focus, you can grow from there over time. You will have a hard time attracting regular readers if your blog focus is too broad at the beginning. Make sure readers can know what to expect when they visit your page.

3) Make sure readers can expect new posts: Many bloggers fall short in this important area! Although a lot of bloggers start out strong, blogging consistently, they start to fade after a couple weeks, because their readership has not yet reached the thousands. It can take months before your blog gains traction – months of mostly-unread posts and consistent writing. But in time, more and more people will trickle in, and your readership will steadily grow. In order for this to happen, however, you have to make sure you blog regularly.

It can be both fun and beneficial to have a sizable blog readership. While it can take a lot of work to reach that point, once you have arrived at last, you will have loyal followers, focused content, and consistent posts.