Making The Most Of Your Weekends

For anyone who works full-time, weekends are very valuable; they are a time when you can unwind and relax a bit before you get back to the grind – but many people finish the weekend and return to work on Monday wondering, “Where did the weekend go?” One of the reasons so many people feel this way about their weekends is because they fail to maximize their weekends; while the approach to “maximizing” a weekend will be different for every different individual, here are a few tips for you to keep in mind for maximizing your weekend!

Sleep less: While your weekends can feel like they are tailor made for “getting more sleep,” extra sleep will not only shorten your weekend, but it can also make you more tired; when you get more sleep at night than your body is used to, it can make you feel sluggish, so instead of sleeping more at night, keep the same night schedule and take a short nap in the afternoon to get extra sleep!


Plan events: When you have nothing that you can point to from a weekend, saying “Oh yes, I did [such-and-such] during the weekend,” your weekends will tend to feel much emptier. Make sure you create at least one high point in your weekend by planning an event – even if it is just during an afternoon or an evening – that you will be able to point to later on.

Don’t think about the week: A lot of people feel “pressure” from their weekends, thinking about the work week they just came out of, and thinking about the work week they are about to be heading into, and they forget to focus on the time at hand!

When you try these three tips for maximizing your weekend, you should find that at least one of them (and perhaps all of them!) works great for you, and that you can follow the tips to have weekends that feel longer and more relaxing.


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Toning Your Muscles Through Your Workouts

In theory, it might seem like it would be much easier to tone your muscles than to build muscle mass, but this is not necessarily the case. While you typically must workout every other day in order to build muscle mass, you need to work out every day to tone your muscles! And even though the heavier weight you must use to build muscle makes it a bit more difficult, you at least get to do low reps; when your goal is to tone your muscles, you have to do high reps. If you are in a place where you want to tone your muscles, follow these tips to accomplish this more easily.

The first thing you want to do, when it comes to toning muscles, is decide exactly what muscles you are wanting to tone. A lot of people end up ditching their workouts because they decide they want to ‘tone their whole body,’ and the workouts become too intense. Early on, you should pick just a few muscles to focus on, and then you should look for workouts that will work out as many of these muscles at once as possible.

You should also choose workouts that are low-impact, especially because of the fact that you will be working out every single day in order to tone your muscles. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to workout every day if the workouts you pick are ones that you enjoy.


Also, keep your eye out for unique workouts that will enable you to tone your muscles without feeling like you are “working out.” One such workout is yoga, which is actually a great workout for helping you remain healthy as well as for toning your muscles.

You can switch to a different group of muscles once you get one group toned to the desired extent, and then you can return to that first group every once in a while. As you continue to do this, you will eventually tone all the muscles you are hoping to tone, and can then begin to rotate through your workouts a couple weeks at a time!

Although toning your muscles can be a little bit of work at first, it is well worth it, and the results will be tremendous once you get to a place where you can remain consistent with it.


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How To Increase The Scope Of Your Blog

Whether you are trying to use a blog to promote your business, a creative project you are working on, or to make money through the blog itself, one thing that will be important is that you understand the things you can do to increase the scope of your blog; after all, a few months of work on your blog will either reveal to you that a blog can be a tremendous tool or that a blog can be a big waster of time – and which of these your own blog turns out to be will depend largely upon what you are able to do to help your blog along.

When it comes to a blog, you need to realize that content is king; people tend to focus on search engine optimization in order to get more people to their site, and they fail to realize that they will only truly optimize their traffic when they are giving visitors content that is worth their time, as such content will make it more likely that these visitors will return again, and will make it more likely that these visitors will share the site with others they know, helping to spread the word throughout their own networks.

This is not to say that search engine optimization is not useful, of course, as no one will end up on your site to see your good content if you are not showing up in search engines; because of this, you will want to take the time to study and understand all the basics of search engine optimization, and to put these things to use as you continue to develop your website.


And one of the best things you can do if you want to stir up visitors for your site is to make sure you are active on others’ websites, as you will be able to increase the visibility of your own website by increasing your visibility on others’ websites; try to comment frequently – adding useful and insightful thoughts on pertinent blogs – as often as you can, and this will greatly increase the success of your own website.

The more efforts you exert on increasing the scope of your blog, the more success you will have, until your blog is eventually a great tool for you, and for whatever it is you are hoping to use it for!


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Tips For Networking To Expand Your Business Contacts

If you have a desire to enjoy success in the world of business (and of course, if you are in business, you want to achieve success!), one thing that will be especially important is that you understand how to expand your business contacts through networking; of course, some people hear the word “networking” and think of those thoroughly insincere people they may have come across who were clearly talking to others purely for the sake of furthering themselves, but effective networking does not have to be like this – and in fact, is unlikely to be like this at all!

The first thing you need to focus on when you are networking is simply being friendly and personable when you are spending time with people; practice this even outside of business, and you will get in the habit of always being friendly to others, which will help you to build relationships rather than just “building contacts.”

Nowadays, it is also important that you expand your thinking – as far as networking goes – to ideas through which you can network online; there are several social media tools you can use for networking online, such as Twitter and Facebook, but another great way to network online is to engage in cross-promotions with another company, wherein you promote their products on your site, and they promote your products on their site, which will expand the reach both of you have!


And many businesses make the big mistake of failing to realize that their customers are part of their network as well; your customers can spread good word (or bad word) about your business more quickly and more effectively then anyone else. Because of this, it will be important that you not only make sure to always treat your customers well – which will, of course, make them more likely to spread the good word about your company – but that you are also always looking for ways to make it easy for your customers to spread the word about your company, and to make them want to do so!


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Things To Make Sure You Remember When Backpacking

One of the best ways to get outside and enjoy nature – and also, one of the best ways to give your body a great workout – is to take a backpacking trip for a day or two, but while backpacking can be a lot of fun, it can also be a bit dangerous (for both yourself and the environment around you!) if you are not making sure to keep these important backpacking tips in mind.

The daytime is the first area where you need to focus on “remembering” things, as this will likely be when you will be spending time hiking; a lot of people see a hike as an opportunity to “leave the beaten path” and explore because of the fact that hiking is innately adventurous, but when you are backpacking, remember that the path is there for a reason – stick to the path so that you do not get lost, and frequently pause to make mental markings of landmarks along the trail (and of course, you will also want to pause every once in a while to rest and to truly soak in your surroundings!).


When you arrive at nighttime – that is, the “camping” portion of your backpacking trip – one thing for you to make sure you remember is that you are not supposed to set up camp directly on or directly alongside the trail; make sure you are going off the trail a little ways to set up camp, and make sure you know exactly which direction the trail is in, and then, once you find a good spot, you can set up your tent and start your fire (making sure it is far enough away from the tent that cinders will not catch it on fire!), and enjoy your evening outdoors.

And you will want to make sure that your fire is completely out in the morning, and that you are not leaving anything behind that was not there before. You are saddling yourself with a responsibility to take care of all the beauty around you when you go backpacking, so be conscious of every bit of trash you are creating, and take the time to scan the area you used to ensure you are leaving it just as beautiful as you found it!


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Increase Your Blog Readership

So, you have started a blog of your own. Maybe you are using this blog to share your thoughts on business. Maybe you will use this blog to muse about life. Maybe you are just exploring different books and movies on your blog. Regardless of what your blog covers, you are now beginning to wonder: What do I have to do to get some readers here? While a blog can be fun, it is not very useful (and not very fun) if no one is reading it! Here are a handful of simple ways to begin gaining readers for your blog.

1) Become an active reader of other blogs: You are likely to find that many bloggers become loyal to other bloggers. Usually, this loyalty is rooted in similar interests or ideas, but the loyalty is planted when one blogger begins to visit another blogger’s page. Take the time to look around and find blogs that catch your attention, blogs that are a lot like yours. Get in touch with those who write these blogs, telling them about posts you enjoyed; spend time on these pages, reading posts and commenting. These bloggers will eventually become a fan of yours as well, as they start to visit your page in turn.

2) Know what your blog is about: This can seem elementary, but so many bloggers stretch their blogs far too thin. If you start with a small focus, you can grow from there over time. You will have a hard time attracting regular readers if your blog focus is too broad at the beginning. Make sure readers can know what to expect when they visit your page.

3) Make sure readers can expect new posts: Many bloggers fall short in this important area! Although a lot of bloggers start out strong, blogging consistently, they start to fade after a couple weeks, because their readership has not yet reached the thousands. It can take months before your blog gains traction – months of mostly-unread posts and consistent writing. But in time, more and more people will trickle in, and your readership will steadily grow. In order for this to happen, however, you have to make sure you blog regularly.

It can be both fun and beneficial to have a sizable blog readership. While it can take a lot of work to reach that point, once you have arrived at last, you will have loyal followers, focused content, and consistent posts.


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The Brain Food Recipe

Copyright 2006 Douglas Alp

In the past it was believed that your intelligence was something that was inherited or that was a genetic thing that had to do with your parents but that may not be a total truth. It is now believed that your intelligence can be determined by your environment, life experiences and your diet. So is there a brain food recipe that one can start eating to make them more intelligent?

Well I don’t know if there is a exact recipe but from my research on foods and supplements it continually amazes me how foods and supplements can actually stimulate chemical reactions or add natural chemicals into your body and affect you in amazing ways.

So can food actually have a positive or negative effect on your brain function and brain power?

Well the answer is Yes! Egyptians have long thought that fish was brain food. Well actually fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids. The neurons in your brain are rich in omega 3 fatty acids so adding fish or omega 3 into your diet does indeed give your brain a boost in its function. It has been found that fish will help create a healthy emotional environment and a more balanced and positive mood.

Proteins are also a very good substance for the brain. Proteins such as chicken and beef contain tyrosine, an amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and cells and may also help the neurotransmitter within your brain to send and receive signal and information. They can also assist one in handling stress and help the body maintain a balanced blood sugar level.

Food such as avocados, raisins, apples and nuts contain a substance called boron which has the potential to increase your memory and attention.


Choline which has also been proven to improve brain function can be found in such foods as eggs and milk. Fruits and vegetables are also extremely important in protecting your brain. Fruits and vegetables have a high degree of anti-oxidants which protect your cells and brain from free radicals which cause your cells to be damaged and age faster.

Blueberry and blackberry are especially good for your brain since they contain Anthocyanins which is the most powerful form of anti-oxidant.

Other fruits and vegetable that have been found to have a high amount of anti-oxidants are strawberries, cranberries spinach, raspberries, brussel sprouts, plums, broccoli, oranges, red grapes, red bell pepper, cherries and kiwis.

Probably the number one ingredient for proper brain function is water. Since your brain is 80% water it is imperative that one keeps themselves and their brain hydrated. Even a slightly dehydrated brain can raise the stress hormone in a person causing them to not have clarity of thought. Just observe people living in the desert in to summertime and see the stressful actions of people and one can see how dehydrated people are stressed.

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