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eco-diet.com - Weight Loss Diet - Diet Plans - Dieting and Weight ControlClick Image To Visit SiteMy name is Sean Kelly. 20 years ago, I quickly lost over 40 pounds of fat and became lean, strong and healthier than I had ever been. I was so shocked with the simplicity and ease of my transformation that I began to research and discover exactly why the unusual methods I used worked so well.

In my early 20’s in my desperate effort to get into shape I did hours of "cardio" exercise and bodybuilding at my local gym. I was always on some new diet and I often starved myself trying to get lean. Still, I got nowhere. Any small gains I did make seemed impossible to hold onto and were quickly lost. I began to wonder "why on earth is it so impossibly difficult to lose some fat and keep it off?" Upon discovering the principles in this book, my problems quickly ended for good.
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Barbara Godfrey – Stop Dieting, Start Living Book

Barbara Godfrey - Stop Dieting, Start Living BookClick Image To Visit SiteBarbara’s message of creating a healthy lifestyle we desire is both enlightening and inspiring. Her book is a testament for taking responsibility for your health and well-being. The message that she shares is a vital, honest and direct approach necessary to make informed choices to improve your health while taking charge of your life. If you want to lead a more fit, healthy and happy life, read her story.

Co-founder of Family Fitness Centers Former Executive of 24 Hour Fitness
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