Home Care Assistance’s Balanced Care Method Improves Quality of Life for Montreal Clients

Montréal, QC (PRWEB) February 20, 2015

Home Care Assistance of Montreal, a leading provider of in-home care, continues to offer a higher quality of care with its proprietary Balanced Care Method. Not content with the existing in-home care paradigms, which tend to focus solely on assistance with activities of daily living, Home Care Assistance designed the Method to promote healthy mind, body and spirit. The company has received overwhelming, positive feedback from medical and senior care professionals, praising the holistic and innovative approach to care.

Based on scientific studies of the world’s healthiest seniors, the Balanced Care Method captures five key behaviours correlated with healthy longevity: healthy diet, physical exercise, active social ties, mental stimulation and a sense of purpose and calm. Caregivers are professionally trained to incorporate each area of the Method in daily care to ensure that the same caliber of care is provided to clients across the globe. For example, caregivers have access to healthy meal preparation training through the company’s online Home Care Assistance University. Home Care Assistance also recently published a cookbook, Comfort Foods: A Healthy Twist on Classic Favourites, which provides healthy, tasty alternatives to traditional dishes, such as a “fried chicken” baked with a corn flake crust.

“To truly fulfill our mission to change the way the world ages, it’s important to not only educate our staff and clients on healthy aging and wellness, but to also provide this knowledge to our communities,” said Tim Thomas, owner of Home Care Assistance of Montreal. “We believe that empowering people to be proactive and informed when it comes to their health will lead to them making better health decisions, ultimately improving their quality of life.”

In addition to education around nutrition, Home Care Assistance caregivers are also trained to promote physical activity among their clients, tailored to client mobility and preference. Consistent exercise has been shown to delay memory loss, slow cognitive decline and muscle atrophy and boost mood and mental wellbeing. Home Care Assistance clients tend to not only maintain their physical statuses, but to improve and thrive through the program.

A thorough intake and continued client monitoring enable care managers to develop personalized care programs that incorporate client preferences, personality and history. For example if a client expresses a love of music and values active membership in community groups, a care manager would format a care plan with a dedicated focus on facilitating social ties and active engagement with music (creating, listening, discussing, etc.).

The Balanced Care Method is unlike any other care program in its tailored and research-based approach to longevity. The focus on overall wellbeing results in clients and caregivers reporting higher degrees of satisfaction and fulfillment, and is sure to continue setting the benchmark for excellence in the industry.

For more information on Home Care Assistance’s Balanced Care Method and our expertly trained caregivers, please visit http://www.HomeCareAssistanceMontreal.ca or call 514-907-5065. The office is located at 4464 Ste-Catherine West, Montreal, H3Z ...Read More

T’ai Chi For Life, Health And Fitness

T’ai Chi For Life, Health And Fitness
New Lavishly Illustrated T’ai Chi Ebook (255 Color Pages) & 3 Substantial Bonuses (a Unique Powerpoint Presentation Of All The Moves, Plus 2 Special Full-color Reports). Written By A Doctor Of Buddhist Studies And Ex-bodyguard To The Dalai Lama. 65% Comm.
T’ai Chi For Life, Health And Fitness

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What You Need To Know About Life Insurance

Everybody should have life insurance. Even though you are only in your early twenties, it's very important to protect your family and yourself. Insurance is there in case something were to happen to you, and is a very important part of your financial planning. Nonetheless each person’s circumstances are different and it is vital that you allocate the time required in order to find the right life insurance for your requirements and goals.

There are 2 main types of life insurance plans to choose from: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. After debating certain considerations, you will be able to choose which is better for you. Term life insurance policies are different than permanent life insurance policies because they're only short lived. These plans are set on a specific number of years,eg one, five, ten, or 20, as an example, and the policy is only valid until the end of this term. The difficulty with these terms is that if you finish up surviving to the end of the period, the policy is worthless.

With the permanent life insurance policies, these are valid for the rest of your life, ensuring the protection you need for the remainder of your life, without worry. Even if you do not have any relatives, this type of policy may still be superb for you, because there's a money value, which can often be used to supplement your retirement earnings, and will grow on a tax-deferred basis.

These are all vital issues to remember when you are trying to select the right insurance policy for your requirements. The nicest thing you can do for yourself is get in and talk to a professional about this. They will talk with you, consider all factors, and using this info help you in deciding what is the best for you. This takes plenty of the weight off your shoulders because they will do the great majority of the legwork, and you know you're making the best investment of your cash to shield yourself.

Whether you wish to provide resources for the way forward for your youngsters, cover a mortgage or other loan, plan for long term care needs in times to come or guarantee your spouse’s lifestyle is protected, getting yourself joined up with the correct life insurance plan is critical. You want to ensure that in the event of your death, your family and friends won't get left with any astonishing debts on your account.

If you're pondering what you have got to know about life insurance, these are a couple of the important things to keep in mind. The seriousness of life insurance cannot be overlooked, and only after you know lots more about it are you able to make sure you find the correct life insurance policy for your wishes. It can take some time to decide what is right in your case, but it's definitely worth the investment, to make sure you make the correct selections and spend your hard won money ...Read More

How To Get Rid of Cellulite with It Works Body Wraps

The day I brought home the best gift I will ever receive in my life, next to my husband, was the day I looked in the mirror and thought WHO IS THAT LADY IN THERE! This precious little bundle in my arms left definite signs it came from ME! That was all supposed to be left at the hospital, the extra weight- all over -it looked like my cheeks were going to give birth, the purple lines on my legs and tummy, bags under my eyes. I didn’t worry too much, everyone said you will bounce right back. OK- so 1 year later I decided that bouncing back was a myth. I actually had to WORK at this if I ever wanted MY body back!

I discovered that I required to create wholesome life altering choices. We always hear the words “diet and exercise” thrown around but that didn’t excite me. Who desires to diet plan and give up yummy foods? Exercise? Yea right. When do we have time….we’re generally saying “Can momma just pee in peace?” But I began to realize that there is some truth to what they had been saying and I stayed tuned in. But how do you diet plan and physical exercise with kids operating around the house? I did what I could however without the capability to clone myself I simply could not accomplish the results I needed.

Following all my hard function of operating and a wholesome life style alter, I looked in the mirror as proud as I could but nonetheless pondered if my purple stretchmarks would ever get much better and that apparent mommy pouch- you know what I’m speaking about- would ever go away. My skin had been stretched towards the max and it was mainly just a skin issue. Then one day a friend approached me with some thing she found. Skinny wraps, I’ll pause here to sing- Hallelujah!- As I tried my initial one I thought, “This is just another waste of time and money, but I am well worth the $30 and the 45 minutes to just try I suppose.” I took it off 2 hours later, just to obtain all of the benefits out of it that I could, and was really FATTER! HA! I known as her and questioned, what just happened? She stated it was really a great thing and that I shouldn’t measure until 24 hours later now. At 24 hours later my stretchmarks on my tummy felt firm and not as apparent and I had lost 1 inch within my waist, navel and sides! By the 72 hr mark I had lost two.5 in ., and 2 pounds! I had to reveal my results with people who had been struggling like me and well now I’m here.

This slender body wraps are a detoxifying method, NOT A WATER Weight loss. They are infused with 100% all natural lotion and they detox the fat cells taking junk from the fat. In result they tone, tighten and ...Read More

It Works Body Wraps to Lose Face Fat

With swimsuit time just about the corner, uneven cellulite can make you want to remain indoors. But finally, there is really a simple and effective technique for smoothing the cellulite and toning your skin and greatest of all it is 100% natural. It’s called the Ultimate Body Applicator from It Works! and it is so easy.

Just select the area exactly where you wish to see progress, like your arms, upper thighs, butt or anyplace. Then you wrap the area within the cream implanted cloth, let it sit on for 45 minutes and discard. The potent, botanically-based formula will do the rest, drawing toxins from your body fat cells and causing your skin feeling and appearing toned and tightened.

Now you’ve got a bit bit of unwanted thickness around your neck? Maybe your cheeks are a bit more puffy then you’d like? It can be tough trying to target that region of one’s physique to eliminate the undesirable fat. Team Lose Cellulite is committed to help you tone, tighten and firm this undesirable fat on your neck and face. You can Lose Face Fat and their team are able to assist.

Much to my surprise, it works! I was a bit skeptical at first, but now I am fully committed to this product. I love being able to put the wrap on, sit back, relax and enjoy. The applicator does all the tightening, toning, and firming results of the signature body contouring formula in an Applicator designed to target the chin and neck area. The Chin & Neck Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that is infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to tighten, tone, and firm sagging skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines in the chin and neck area.

What you’ll get using the the neck and throat applicator…Tighten, strengthen, & firm, Reduce the look of wrinkles, Enhance skin texture & firmness, Mess-free and easy to work with, Results in less than 45 minutes, Progressive results over 72 hours, Created using 100 % natural ingredients. This wrap will assist you to lose the face fat you have on your own chin, neck and cheeks. Daily life happens and we consume the wrong food or get busy and never exercise however we can either keep doing the same thing or we could make a change. Do it for yourself. Take action to improve your health. Do it to lose your face fats.

Want to find out more about Lose Face Fat, then visit Mogie Patton’s site on how to choose the best It Works Body Wraps for your needs.

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