Hi friends! So excited to share my weight loss story with everyone, I hope it gives you inspiration to begin your own journey! Like this video if you want to see more health videos!

My height is 5’6″ for those asking ☺️

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Happy Saturday friends or w.e day it is when you’re watching this! Here’s my tips for anyone who considers themselves a beginner with weight loss or a fitness lifestyle change. I hope you find some of my tips helpful! Thank you a ton for watching xoxo

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The Panic Puzzle Program – Overcome Your Anxiety, Fear, and Panic Attacks

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“Before I started the program, I didn’t want to leave the house at all, and at times, I didn’t even want to leave my own bedroom. ”
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BJX Weight Loss System – I used this program to lose over 60 pounds and you can too!

repost-us-image-9929499The BJX Weight Loss System is designed for people struggling with health, and weight issues. BJX uses is a diet and exercise program integrated with powerful behavior enhancement techniques, designed to permanently change your unhealthy food, and exercise associations. While permanently improving your diet and fitness habits. With our 4 phase system, you will achieve permanent positive change in your life, and create a never-ending source of energy, motivation and success.

Move beyond the grind, effortlessly improve your diet and exercise habits. Your health does not have to be a struggle.
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The Weight Loss Motivation Bible: How To Program Your Mind For Sustainable Fat Loss

Eating-Righ-for-weight-loss1-580x300From The Desk Of Carolyn Hansen (Certified Fitness Instructor) Good secrets never last long. Especially those that truly deserve to be shared. Perhaps the greatest secret to successful weight loss I have learned was imparted to me many years ago by a man whose chance aquaintaince I made long before I had decided I would devote my life to the fitness industry. It is hard not to think of it as one of those happy accidents that can mark the turning points in a life, though at the time I would not have recognized it as such. But before I tell you about this I have a confession to make. You’re about to be brainwashed. At least, that’s my goal. Don’t be too alarmed, though. Because I’ll need more than you reading the content of this page to pull it off. I’ll need to use the entire content of my book to strip away your resistance to losing weight. I’ll need to use every hard won secret I’ve learned over the years to reprogram your mind for almost effortless weight loss. Even then I’ll have to work hard at this. But it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t warn you up front. Because I am a master at what I do – which is to persuade you to take action. The very same powerful techniques that I reveal in my book, the ones you’ll learn which will literally change the way you think – about your body, and how you treat it – are the techniques I use in every form of communication to get what I want from life. When you have learned to apply these mental devices you too will get what you want, which is a reliable and sustainable fat loss approach that uses nothing more than the most powerful forms of self-persuasion to achieve the body you desire. I am aware that this is an incredibly bold claim. But you’ll discover that my program is not like any other you have come across before. As I have said, I employ a form of mind control to achieve what cannot be done with good intentions alone. Weight loss is very difficult if you go at it the traditional way, which is why I will use a little-known secret to tap into the power of your subconscious mind, a secret that was revealed to me nearly 30 years ago…

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The Incredible Alkaline Vitality Diet

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This is exactly where I was in June 2007, working as a busy Management Consultant, feeling frustrated that life seemed to be getting away from me. At 50lbs overweight, the risk of developing a major health challenge such as cardiovascular problems, a stroke, even cancer was significantly greater.
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The Ab Pro: Professional Fitness Coaching

cancer_reduce_healthy_diet580x300Here’s How Your “Average Joe” Transformed Into “The Ab Pro” Using Some Shocking , Yet Simple Techniques.

Avoid Making COSTLY MISTAKES- Most people are wasting their time and money on products, routines and diet that don’t deliver. I have spent years researching fitness, invested a small fortune and picked the brain of some of the most successful fitness professional to learn what I know. Do not make the same mistakes I have made. Learn from my experience and knowledge so you can get SIX PACK ABS Fast!
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How to Lose a Pound a Week – One Pound Solution

The fact that you are here shows that you are serious about losing weight, because you have probably realized that if you want to drop the pounds and keep them off, you have to do it right and be realistic.The reason diets don’t work is that it’s very hard to stick to something that requires you to give up what you like. If you are miserable as you try to lose weight you will not succeed. If you want to lose weight without dieting, you can do so by targeting no more than a pound a week.

Back in 2009, I started realizing I was well on my way to reaching, again, my highest weight. I’m 5’10” and weighed 173 pounds. I’ve never been obese, but for me, weighing 173 pounds was unacceptable. My highest weight ever is 180 pounds and I didn’t want to go there again.
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The Big Difference Between Unhealthy Diet And Healthy Diet


foodplanOkay so I know that you want to lose weight that why you are reading this article and you want to know that the difference between healthy diet and unhealthy diet. Let’s check these two different methods together. Starting from the explanation of these terms:

Healthy diet as you knows it is a diet that has long term effect and usually increases your lifestyle habit as you know it. The healthy diet would make you lose weight longer than unhealthy diet but more controllable.

Unhealthy diet is a diet that usually short term effect and in long term would make your health worse, this unhealthy diet is certainly more faster to make you lose weight than healthy diet and also unhealthy diet is the common method that people use either they realize it or not.

Have you done unhealthy diet? To answer this please answers the question below.

1. You eat only twice a day?
2. Eat only low calorie food?
3. Eat certain food only such as vegetables or fruit?
4. Use diet pill or slimming pill to help you lose weight?
5. Over restrain yourself over food?

If you answer at least 4 yes from the question above then you are in unhealthy diet. You see healthy diet is a term where you eat in balance between the calorie you need for daily activity and calorie intake. Most people would think that if they eat less and less calorie they would lose weight, this is the wrong concept. You see our body has it own limit and if you over do it then it would make it more demanding, you have to do it the natural way.

Eat only a certain food is wrong, as you know that your body needs many different nutrition and vitamin to help you lose weight. Do you know food pyramid? Where the carbohydrate is in the most lower pyramid which mean you need it the most and vegetables are in the middle which mean you only need medium size of vegetable and also meat and fish or should we say is fat come in the top of the food pyramid which mean you need only a certain amount of fat but it doesn’t mean you don’t need fat. Fat is also important thing for our body it control our body temperature and as backup energy.

What to EAT! Basic Nutrition, Weight Loss, Healthy Diet, Best Foods Tips | Virtual Health Coach
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Garcinia Cambogia Extract: What You Should Know

For those of you who want to lose weight, Garcinia Cambogia is a popular weight loss extract. If you haven’t known about it yet, read this article to know further more about it.

This miraculous extract is known to have originated from the Garcinia Cambogia tree. The Garcinia Cambogia tree is prevalent in Southern Asia. The fruit resembles a pumpkin, and it is the rind of this fruit that is made use of in making the fat loss extract. Aside from it’s fat loss quality, Garcinia Cambogia herbal extract is popular for its medicinal value.

In America, the Garcinia Cambogia extract is thought about a wonderful weight management partner as it works in different ways that facilitates weight loss. 1st, it assists the individual utilizing it to eliminate cravings, this in turn avoids more food consumption that can result in excess fat to be absorbed by the body that results in weight gain. Second, the draw out does not store fats eaten, instead it excretes is as waste products off your body. These two part weight management process are instrumental in helping anybody lose unwanted fat from their bodies quick.

Individuals are discussing the negative side effects of this weight loss wonder. But the problem lies on the reality that Garcinia Cambogia extract could have some fake versions in the market, and these are the ones that made them feel sick. In Asia, individuals have actually been making use of the herb for centuries without any hassles. So, if you wish to try Garcinia Cambogia extract, make sure to stick to a trusted and recognized brand.

Those who report about headaches, queasiness, rash oily stools could have taken a herbal extract that is jam-packed loaded with chemicals. Some study done on different brands showed that numerous of them had as minor as 20 % of the herbal extract; the rest is simply filler and that could be exactly what triggers the unfavorable results. If you wish to stay safe, try to find brand names that have 50 % and more of the extract. The higher the percentage of the herbal extract, the much better the brand is.

Garcinia Cambogia extract should not be taken by anyone who is less than eighteen years of age or lower, lactating women, and specifically those who are in the family way.

Patients of terminal diseases, or those with dementia, diabetic issues, or Alzheimer’s disease among others should not take Garcinia Cambogia extract as it will just do them more damage than good. It is best to seek advice from a medical doctor for advise before taking Garcinia Cambogia if you are struggling with a medical condition or if presently taking medication.

This article was published in partnership with weight-loss expert Chris Hamson. Go to his web site for more details on garcinia cambogia extract.

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