Keeping Your House Clean As A Family

When you are always cleaning the house as a parent, and it seems like no one else is pitching in to pull their weight, this can be extremely frustrating – which can leave you wondering why you are the only one cleaning the house when everyone is living in the house! One of the biggest keys to lightening your load as a parent is to understand how to get everyone to help you keep the house clean; when you do this, you will no longer feel like you are pulling everyone’s weight, and being a parent will be a lot more enjoyable, as you will not always be focused on having to do so much tedious work.

You will be in the best position for doing this if you start when your children are still fairly young, but even if you have waited until they get older, you will be able to help them change their ways – and the best place for you to start is in training everyone in your family to clean up after themselves.

Once everyone in your family has adjusted and begun to understand that it is their responsibility to clean up their own things, you can move on to helping everyone realize that the house is not just yours, it is theirs, and as such, it is their job to pitch in with the cleaning; each person should have a few simple “chores” they are expected to do each week, as this will keep the house from needing huge, thorough cleanings all the time.

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And the most rewarding step of all (even if it is the most difficult!) is getting everyone in your family to a point where they take initiative without being told to do something – where they learn to simply recognize that something needs to be done, and then to simply do it. Conquering this step can take a good bit of time, but if you start from the first step and work your way up, you will eventually reach a place where everyone in your family is helping to keep the house clean – and to where the house then becomes something that is a joy, rather than a constant task!

Choosing Between A Saltwater And Freshwater Fish Tank

Fish are one of the best “pets” that you can have in your house, as fish require much less attention than a dog or even a cat would require, and they are certainly entertaining and relaxing to watch; if you have been thinking about starting a fish tank of your own, however, you may have gotten stuck on the question of whether you should choose a saltwater tank or a freshwater tank – and you may not have realized that there are really only three simple factors you need to look at in order to make this decision.

The first factor you should look at is price, and while the equipment you will need for a freshwater tank and a saltwater tank are generally the same, it is important to understand that the long-term price of a saltwater tank is much higher than a the long-term price of a freshwater tank; this disparity in price, of course, is largely due to two factors: firstly, you should stock your saltwater tank with live plants instead of plastic plants, and secondly, saltwater fish are often quite expensive!

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The second factor you should look at is “amount of work,” and while there is a general belief that a saltwater tank is a lot more work to take care of than a freshwater tank, this is really not the case; a saltwater tank is more finicky than a freshwater tank, but the amount of time you will need to spend taking care of each is about equal.

And finally, “beauty” is a factor you will have to look at, and while there are certainly some good-looking freshwater fish you can stock your tank with, there is really nothing in the world of freshwater fish that can compare to the overall beauty of a saltwater tank.

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In examining the pros and cons of whether you should go with a freshwater tank or a saltwater tank, realize that the decision truly comes down to price and beauty; determine which of these two is more important to you, and you will have your answer of which sort of tank belongs in your house!

Tips For Maintaining A Cichlid Tank

You are in for a real treat if you are thinking about setting up a cichlid tank! Cichlids are known for their beauty and for the great entertainment they provide. In fact, cichlids each have a unique personality, and in addition to the entertainment they provide, they are among the most interactive fish as well. At the same time, however, cichlids can be temperamental, and can be difficult to take care of. You will risk the failure of your cichlid experiment as long as you do not know what you are doing. If, on the other hand, you know how to take care of your cichlids, you will find that it is a rewarding experience.

When you purchase cichlids, it is absolutely vital that you know where they came from. Cichlids come from a number of different regions, and each one of these regions is slightly different from the other regions. The biggest difference is the type of water that each region has. If you mix cichlids from different regions, you will be unable to keep the water just right for all of them. Instead, you need to buy fish from the same region so that they will require the same type of water.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing cichlids is that they are territorial. You will have a disaster if you put too many cichlids in a tank together! It is up to you to make certain each cichlid has enough space to mark their own territory inside of the tank. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the tank has plenty of distinct areas. There should be a lot of hiding places and foliage in the tank, instead of a lot of open area at the bottom of the tank. Cichlids will feel safer and more comfortable with this setup, and it will also help them each to set up their boundaries.

Finally, cichlid maintenance is extremely important for you to understand if you want to have a cichlid tank. For instance, a healthy cichlid tank needs to have its water closely monitored. Cichlids also require a regular feeding schedule, and must be fed three times each day. Without the proper knowledge of tank maintenance, you will find that these beautiful, engaging fish of yours are not living very long at all.

Taking care of cichlids can be fun and rewarding if you know what you are doing. But before you start your own cichlid tank, make sure you know how to do things correctly!


Working Toward Your Dreams

Each of us has certain dreams that we hope we will see realized in our life at some point in time, but while there are a lot of people people who see their dreams as nothing more than “dreams” (that is, as something fun to think about, but as something that will never make its way into reality), there are others who have discovered ways to make their dreams happen. Although each person is unique and different from every other person – and as the dreams each person has are therefore unique and different – there are still a few particular things that anyone hoping to move their dreams from “fantasy” to “reality” can focus on in order to aid this progression.

When you are wanting to move certain dreams from the realm of “dreams” into the realm of “reality,” the first thing you will need to do is make these dreams concrete; a lot of people have a general idea of what their dreams are, but it is when you turn these general ideas into concrete ideas – writing them down and including specifics – that they become more likely to occur.


Having someone with whom you are establishing certain dreams also always helps; if you have a close friend who shares a lot of the same thoughts and dreams as you, or if you are married, you and this other person can establish dreams together, which will help each of you push the other to reach these dreams.

And perhaps the biggest step of all in making your dreams a reality is that you always think of your dreams as being possible; too many people give up on their dreams because they are not “realistic,” but when you refuse to pay attention to what is “practical” or “realistic” – instead believing that each dream you have can become real in your life – you will continue to open the way for these “unrealistic” dreams to become a reality!