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Have you tried every diet, weight loss system or exercise program known to man only to wind up experiencing short lived results, if any at all?
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Grilling Delicious Hamburgers

Cooking at home is usually a “task” more than it is an event (and certainly, it is not usually something you think of as “fun”), but one thing that will usually be exciting for those who are partaking, and that will be fun to cook, is hamburgers on the grill; now, you may think of hamburgers as a “summer” food (especially when it comes to cooking it on the grill!), but you can actually grill hamburgers at any time of year, and it can be just as fun and delicious!

Starting out with good hamburger patties will be the first step to grilling delicious hamburgers; you will need to make sure you begin with good meat (organic hamburger meat is best, as it will be healthier and taste a whole lot better!), and then you will want to mix the meat with a couple eggs and perhaps some barbecue sauce (and even some chopped up yellow onions) before forming it into patties, as this will give you nicely-flavored hamburger patties to work with.


You will achieve the best taste with your hamburgers when you use charcoal, instead of gas, but you will also need to make sure you know how to work these coals; too many people make the mistake of throwing their patties on when the coals are at their hottest, but you should actually wait until the coals have started to cool a bit before you throw the patties on, as this will ensure that you get the insides of the patties cooked, as well as the outsides.

And as the patties near the end of their time above the coals, you should also grill the buns you are using until they are lightly “toasted,” and you should use the heat of the coals to melt cheese onto any patties for those who want cheeseburgers.


If you follow all these steps, you will be all set to prepare delicious hamburgers on the grill for you and your family, no matter what time of year it is!

Examining Three Mistakes To Avoid When Approaching Literary Agents

You will eventually have to deal with literary agents if you have written a book, or if you are in the process of writing a book, and you would like to see this book published, as literary agents are the gateway to the publishing world; a lot of people finish writing a manuscript and start approaching agents immediately, sending out a letter to every agent whose contact information they can find, but unless you want to be stuck sending out these letters to agents for the next twenty years (never receiving a positive response from any!), you will want to make sure you know the mistakes you should avoid when approaching literary agents.

A lot of people go into their “query letter” (which is what this letter to a literary agent is called) thinking that they should come up with some sort of unique approach that will set them apart from other writers, but the first thing you should realize is that a lot of writers think that being “gimmicky” will set them apart, and when you are gimmicky – instead of setting yourself apart – you will simply get yourself grouped in with all the others who are trying this approach; avoid gimmicks in your writing and approach, and instead be as straightforward as possible.

Vagueness is another mistake that really gets on the nerves of literary agents (and that gets you, as a writer, an automatic rejection); when you are composing your letter to literary agents, realize that you may know what your book is about, but they do not, and you will need to avoid any vagueness in your letter – being concise, but being clear as well – so that the agent will know exactly what it is that you have written.


And avoid being presumptuous in your letter to agents – acting as if you are doing them a favor by sending them this letter, or acting as if it is a foregone conclusion that they will sign you; you might see this as confidence, but agents will see it as pompous!

It is not easy to get published – but if you have written a publishable book, and if you avoid the mistakes that irk agents, you will be setting your feet on the right path, and someday you will surely reach your destination!