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Erectile Dysfunction Myths Debunked: 40% of Men Seeking Treatment Under 50; Healthy Living Offers Alternative Solution

Tampa Bay, FL (PRWEB) February 23, 2015

While popular belief portrays erectile dysfunction (ED) as a problem limited exclusively to the older generation, the latest research on the subject debunks this myth. In fact, an article published less than three weeks ago reported that “ED affects about 10 percent of men in each decade of life” – with 40 percent of men in their 40’s reporting erection problems. (1)

Despite the apparent prevalence of erection issues, ED rates in younger men have seldom been reviewed. An earlier pioneering study, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, proved that men of any age can suffer the often devastating effects of ED. Researchers tested both sociodemographic and clinical differences between ED patients over 40 and those 40 and younger and linked ED to harmful lifestyle habits, finding that those under 40 smoked cigarettes and used illicit drugs more frequently. (2)

“Undoubtedly, a man’s overall health has a direct effect on sexual performance,” said Robert Drapkin, MD, board-certified physician in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Palliative Care.

Dr. Drapkin explained that understanding erectile dysfunction begins with knowing how the central and peripheral nervous systems, anatomy, emotions, hormones and blood flow all work together to create an erection. Sexual stimulation causes the release of chemicals that make the smooth muscles of the penis to relax and increase blood flow, which causes an erection. Once the chemicals are no longer released, the erection dissipates. “Any pathology along this process can cause problems relating to sexual health,” he said. “There are both emotional and physiological causes, but sexual performance problems are often a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle.”

While commonly-prescribed pharmaceuticals such as Viagra are a popular approach to treating ED, Dr. Drapkin stresses that drugs are not the sole solution as erectile dysfunction “is very much the result of dietary patterns, and can be an early warning signal of more serious health risks such as heart attack or stroke, which are also diet- and lifestyle-related.” (3) Dr. Drapkin attests that along with many healthcare providers, the general public is unaware of the components of a healthy lifestyle, as demonstrated by the current diabetes epidemic and overuse of many prescription medicines in the U.S. His view is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s estimate that 69% of adults over the age of 20 are overweight or obese. (4)

To reduce the risk of developing erectile dysfunction, Dr. Drapkin recommends adopting a healthy lifestyle – including a vigorous exercise program – rather than solely relying on prescription medications such as Viagra which may help in treating erectile dysfunction along the way, but fail to address the need for the individual to improve their health.

“It’s important to address the causes of the issue, rather than accepting ironic marketing messages that state a medical approach is an acceptable alternative to a healthy lifestyle,” Dr. Drapkin added.

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Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones’ Wealth Trigger

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to virtually stumble onto wealth and lucrative opportunities while you work hard, pay your dues and still can’t seem to catch a break no matter how hard you try?

Are you beginning to think that perhaps this life of abundance that so many people seem to effortlessly attract is just not in the cards for you?
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The Body Reset Program – The single biggest trick for rapid fat loss that you can use starting today.

In this free fat loss presentation I’m going to dispel one of the biggest myths in the diet and exercise world: That fat loss is supposed to be “SLOW AND STEADY”. WRONG! Fat loss should never, EVER be “slow and steady”. Your body is designed to make it FAST and DRAMATIC… And I’m going to PROVE it to you in this presentation – and show you how to get started finally losing fat & getting the lean toned body you want. Make sure you watch until the very end as it might surprise you! 

Please read our disclaimer: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a "typical" result is. The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero. The biggest factor is you and your commitment levels.

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“Maverick Personal Trainer Locks Himself in His Studio for 7 Months… and Creates the World’s First Robot that Automatically Makes Fat Cells Self-Destruct!

Read About How You Can Try His Trailblazing Robot for FREE — And Begin Losing Unwanted Fat, Fast and Easy, In Just 4 Minutes Flat…
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I know because it has worked for thousands and thousands of people just like you. However, I don’t expect you to believe me until you see more proof.

The big problem is that people who struggle with controlling their weight have been fed 2 HUGE myths by doctors and the media.
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The site that offers a fast fat loss program, and the best fat loss tips

If your reading this page right now I’m going to bet you have heard of me and how well my methods on coaching to lose fat and getting absolutely SHREDDED are…

If you’d like to literally TRANSFORM your body from frustrated heavyweight to enjoyably RIPPED then listen up and read this entire letter, because I’m about to pull back the curtain on some of the BIGGEST "weight loss" myths out there.
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Breaking Down Health Myths

Most people want to be healthy, but what they often don’t realize is that there are quite a few “health myths” they may be holding onto – things that they believe will keep them healthy, when in fact these things may have no positive effect whatsoever on health, and may even have a negative effect; if you are looking to make sure you are staying as healthy as possible, it will be important that you make sure you are aware of (and are avoiding!) the health myths that plague so many others.

One of the greatest health myths is the idea that you should be sure to get a minimum of six servings of grains per day in order to remain healthy; while there are certainly health benefits to eating grains, there are also detriments to consuming grains – especially in such large quantities as some people do – and if you are wanting to remain healthy, you should make yourself aware of the potential health risks associated with processed grains (and with other processed foods) so that you can avoid these risks yourself.


Many people also think that fats are bad for them, but actually, there are certain fats that are not only “not bad” for you, but that are good for you, as they help your body burn the fat it is holding onto; if you have a few pounds that you want to shed, one of the best things you can do is make sure you understand the difference between good fats and bad fats so that you can put the right things into your body.

And perhaps the biggest health myth of all is the idea that it is important for you to work out all the time – or that working out all the time is beneficial for your body; when you work out too much, you will be putting undue stress on your body, which will lower your immune system and open you up to fatigue and disease. Instead of working out for a couple hours each day – running several miles, or packing in significant time in the gym – pace yourself in your workouts, giving your body a nice, steady diet of easy workouts, and watch as your health improves!


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Weight Loss Myths: How Some Plans Are More Dangerous Than Doing Nothing


The fact that people want to lose weight is common knowledge, and has led to the weight loss industry becoming one of the most populated in the whole business world. The diet industry, in one way or another, has been around for decades at the very least, and can be seen in all corners of our society. Some of the most popular brand soda drinks, for example, are ones with the word “diet”, “zero” or “light” in their names. It is sadly inevitable that where there is money to be made, there will be some people willing to make a quick profit by selling an inadequate product, and this is where the diet industry often gets a bad name.


The simple fact is that people with ill intentions will gladly tell people with a need what they want to hear, and often this means telling them something that is a huge lie. Certain elements of the diet industry are built upon telling people that they can lose weight without changing their lifestyle one bit – and when the dissatisfied customer wants to complain or claim a refund, the salesman or company is nowhere to be found. This in turn makes people think that the whole industry is crooked. It is not, but it does require people to develop a healthy distrust of certain promises.
If someone tells you that you can lose weight simply and safely by eating sweet cakes, drinking beer and taking a simple pill, they are a liar. This will make you very unhealthy and, while you may lose weight initially, it will be at a terrible cost – possibly both financially and physically.

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