Leptin: How it Makes You Hungry

So far we’ve read about the main forms of macro-nutrients, the two kinds of metabolic process your body can run on, and why these are important points to consider for survival. In terms of advice the favorite looking quite seriously toward a fat based diet plan rather than one based upon carbohydrates like grains, flour and sugar.

Up to now, we have been concentrating primarily on the results of carbohydrates on insulin in the body. But now, we are about to have a look at a major hormone which has recently came into the spotlight in nutritional science: leptin.

The story behind fat mice

In 1950, researchers were in the process of raising lab mice for several qualities. Among the variations was a remarkably hungry mouse that would eat till it was physically not able to. All of these mice would eventually become obese, giving them the suitable nickname of ‘obese mice’.

It took more than 4 decades before the mystery of why the obese mice would eat a whole lot was sorted out. At Rockefeller University in 1994, a scientist named Jeffrey Friedman was able to isolate a protein that, whenever injected to the obese mice, would help them to eat normally and come back to normal weight. This protein was a mix of 167 amino acids called leptin.

The way that the hormone functions is by curbing the body’s hunger. When you feel hungry, you will continue to eat until you are ‘satisfied’, however the amount of food which will allow you to be contented is determined by leptin. The reason obese mice ate the way they did was as they were genetically not able to possibly produce the hormone or did not have functioning leptin receptors. Because of this, they continued eating to satisfy their hunger. This seems like an awesome science story but the applications to survival foods are enormous.

Losing leptin sensitivity

In nature, this hormone is the best feedback loop to sustaining a proper body weight. It is made by fat cells themselves, thus theoretically, having more fat cells would make one feel much less hungry. Fat levels will decrease to normal and no one will be at a bad weight. However there are actually hundreds of millions of human examples to confirm that it is not the case these days.

The main reason this occurs is leptin insensitivity. From having persistently elevated levels of the hormone, receptors in the brain can’t tell when leptin levels are low or high. In essence, this is exactly what happened with the obese rats – with no capability to tell when they are satisfied they would eat till they couldn’t eat any more. This would be disastrous in a survival situation, either leading to unnecessarily high food intake or being extremely stressful mentally from continuous hunger.

Luckily, there is a solution for this. Low carb diet plans have been shown to recover leptin sensitivity in two methods. First, they lower blood triglycerides making it easier for the hormone to reach the human brain. Secondly, they have ...Read More

Survival Foods: What to Eat to Endure

Hey, real quick, just how long did the energy from the previous meal you consumed last? One hour, 2 hours? How long did it take till you got hungry once again? The answers to these have a lot to do with the macronutrient content of what that meal contained. And you should believe this has significant effects for the optimal survival foods for a disaster scenario.

Three kinds of calories, two kinds of energy

As we know, all calories were not created equal. Glancing over any nutrition label, you are likely to see calories at the top. Everything underneath may be classified into calories from one of three main sources, proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. The calories from these three groups have to add up to the total calories in a meal because they are the units of energy that make up a food. All paths result in the same end location: usable energy for your body.

Lipid based energy (ketones)

Earlier in human history, our forefathers used to roam the lands following herds: buffalo, gazelle or perhaps mammoth. We were hunters, so we supplemented this diet with natural herbs and roots we could forage. The meat we would eat from these animals comprised a lot of proteins, but a majority of of the usable calories came from fat, which is a lot denser in energy. Fat is transformed into molecules known as ketones in the bloodstream which are used by cells as fuel. This energy would provide a sustained burn for constant energy; being in a state of using fat as energy is referred to as ketosis. When we had a big kill, or whenever we found fresh fruit to reap, our bodies could store these additional calories as fat.

Carbohydrate based metabolic process (sugar, starch and glucose)

In primitive periods, carbohydrates were scarce. Before civilization, whole grains were not cultivated or processed in an organized way. Crops were not grown as we were nomads. Carbs were available extremely rarely and would have to be stored as fat for the lean periods in advance if they were found. Carbohydrates break apart quickly in a sugar known as glucose which is carried in the blood, boosting blood sugar levels. The hormone insulin works as an essential within the gateways of the body cells allowing glucose to get in.

The trouble with the present day eating plan

The thing is, fat or carbohydrate metabolism are mutually exclusive. Carbs, being unusual for a lot of years of history, are preferentially used by the human body. As modern people, we live in a state of regular harvesting. The body respond to carbohydrates with the objective to store, insulin is released to shuttle them into our cells.

When you analyze the regular American diet, nearly every meal contains carbohydrates. From the bagel at breakfast, to the sandwich at lunch time, to the steak and potatoes for dinner, we regularly eat carbohydrates. This makes us less able to utilize fat as a fuel supply. Transforming into ketosis takes over 7 days for lots of people, ...Read More

Body of FIRE – BOF

You’ve tried every training program and diet imaginable, but none of them worked. You starved yourself, you made countless trips to the gym, and now you’ve got nothing to show for it.

The reason why you’re not burning fat is because you’ve been told the wrong information. This, in turn, made you take the wrong path toward your ultimate body that’s free of any extra fat.
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How To Lose Weight Fast Without Hunger or Cravings

What I have found is that most people want to lose weight and they understand that carrying extra pounds is not healthy and not fun.

The problem is that most people find weight loss advice very confusing. It seems as if every day weight loss advice changes.
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Free Hypothyroidism Treatment Presentation

During Phase 1 of the Hypothyroidism Revolution Program, the magic begins to happen as you begin to notice many positive changes occurring. You will begin your progressive transition towards the ideal thyroid healing diet that will give your thyroid the big boost that it needs to help your cells produce more than enough energy for you.

You will feel in control again as your mood drastically improves and any sign of depression and anxiety begin to disappear. Your family and friends are going to notice some major positive changes in you.
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How Mma Fighters Lose The Most Weight Possible Fast


Learn how Mma Fighters lose weight fast

Losing weight in a fast manner is possible, but it will be a tough road to travel. This is because you probably have certain longstanding habits that you have to change if you want to lose weight. Losing weight quickly, however, is possible if you are committed to it, and in this article we’ll be looking at some ways to accomplish this.

One thing to avoid when losing weight quickly is your goal is starving yourself. While it’s true that fasting is the direct opposition to eating too much, starving will never help you lose weight quickly. What the low calorie diet advocates don’t tell you is that any weight loss you do achieve is likely to come back in full force in a couple of months. The reason this always happens is because your body needs certain nutrients and if you keep it from what it needs, it will get those nutrients eventually. That’s not to mention that if you continue a starvation diet for a long time, it’s really bad for your health. So, while losing weight fast requires you to eat less, you have to make sure you aren’t starving yourself or not meeting your nutritional requirements.

One thing that you have to understand is that getting rid of weight quickly or even slowly will not be possible without exercising. The number one way to get rid of calories is with aerobic exercises like running, jogging, biking, swimming or a sport that you enjoy like tennis or a different racket sport. You can also go to dance or aerobic classes at the gym. The main point is that in order to lose weight fast, you have to decrease your calories and get more exercise so you can burn calories.

Most people find that the hardest part about losing weight quickly is dealing with those times when you are emotional and you want to feed your face with comfort food. That’s why, if you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression, or you have an eating disorder, you must confront those demons first, and then start eating and exercising properly if you ever hope to reach your weight loss goals. If you suffer from any of the above disorders, then you should try counseling, hypnotism, meditation or psychotherapy for maximum results. Quick weight loss is possible, but you must deal with the underlying problems if you hope for that weight loss to be permanent.

Losing weight quickly is possible, but it’s not something that will happen by itself. You have to pay attention to all that you consume and be certain that you get an adequate amount of exercise. Even if you want to see a quick outcome, the most important thing is to start new habits that you can always follow. If you don’t forget the things that we have examined in this article, losing weight fast will be a breeze for you.

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What To Eat To Boost Your Memory

Being aware of the nutritional value of the foods we eat is obviously essential to a healthy body. Eating the right combination of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats works towards keeping muscles strong and organs functioning the way nature intended.

Our minds are no different and eating foods rich in certain nutrients can help alleviate brain fog and boost our memories back to the place they were when we were younger. It only seems natural that since most of our body is fueled by the healthiest of foods, feeding our minds the same way follows suit.

There has been extensive research done into studying the effects of certain minerals and vitamins in relation to brain function. It’s common sense that sugar although a temporary stimulant quickly loses it’s luster and although we might feel very vibrant and alive after eating a candy bar, within an hour or two our bodies have become sluggish and less responsive. Our minds and therefore our memories would feel the same high and crashing low if fed a diet of sweets.

Eating sensible is important for boosting your memory. Foods that are rich in antioxidants are said to work in helping memory function. The benefits of antioxidants are often associated with fighting cancer and playing a positive role in certain diseases of the heart. Now with the knowledge that they also work towards improved memory function, having them as a staple in the daily diet seems natural. Some examples of foods readily available that are high in antioxidants include carrots and certain kinds of nuts. Green tea is also an excellent source of antioxidants and its benefits reach well beyond boosting the memory.


Another product that helps with memory function is soy. Eating foods like tofu will provide benefits that help improve memory. Another great source of soy is the soy milks that are available in most food markets. Many are flavored and the taste although not exactly the same as cow’s milk is considered appealing to many people. Soy also offers many other benefits to the body and knowing that it can help with boosting your memory is good stimulation for trying it and possibly making it a regular part of your diet.

Most people use oil in some form for cooking and if choosing a specific type of oil can boost your memory it would seem sensible to incorporate it into your everyday cooking. Olive oil is a healthy choice for many reasons including its effects on memory function. Using it to cook or within salad dressing is a healthy way to work towards having less brain cloudiness and improved memory clarity. It’s another step towards feeling confident that you are doing everything you can to ensure that your memory stays sharp.

Adjusting one’s diet to balance the effects of memory loss seems a perfect solution. With just a small change in the consumption of certain foods anyone can feel ...Read More