Clearly Filtered: Review Examining Perfect Aqua Purifiers Water Filtering Pitcher Released

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 03, 2015

Clearly Filter claims that it can eliminate 71 contaminants, including benzene, fluoride, hormone changing prescription drugs, lead, arsenic and pesticides while all beneficial minerals such as calcium and zinc stay in the water as it passes through the filter. This has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“Our Clearly Filtered review shows you get a pitcher that helps eliminate fluoride, pesticides and other chemicals out of your water. The filter works much faster than the Brita filter, which is one of the most popular filter systems on the market right now, but it is much more effective, according to them,” reports Stevenson. “In fact, they say that their pitcher filters out 99.99% of contaminants that cause disease, and they have lab test results on their website to back up their impressive claim. It does a better job than other filters and also costs less than going out and getting bottle after bottle of water that is most likely unfiltered.”

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher uses coconut carbon whose micro porous surface is vey effective in grabbing and trapping contaminant molecules in drinking water to filter it. The second part of the filter uses an organic NATCLEAN filter, which grabs and absorbs heavy metals, fluoride, and other contaminants. Layers have been added inside the filter to ensure that if a contaminant misses the first filter, it passes through half the surface area of the filter before it comes out completely. These filters also remove chemicals such as color that are on a microscopic level.

“The filter pulls heavy metals and fluoride out of your water, purifies it more than the leading brand of water purifier and costs less than buying bottled water. Stop worrying about the water that you are drinking. The bottle is made of BPA free plastic, which further makes it a healthy choice when compared to other alternatives,” says Stevenson. “Filters are small but powerful compared to much larger filters. You get a free pitcher if you break a pitcher with the lifetime warranty. You can take 90 days to search for other pitchers and if you find something that works better, you can get a refund.”

“Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher proves that it can filter out 99.99% of the contaminants in your tap water, which offers a peace of mind that you can’t get from other filters. If you are concerned about your health, then this is a filter you will want to get. The website was evaluated by a medical doctor who reviewed the claims, products, and more and found it to be trustworthy. Anyone who already uses a filter system, who is thinking about getting their water filtered or buys their water from a company that filters water can save themselves a ton of money by just buying this filter system first.”

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Lose Fat By Avoiding These Fitness Myths and Mistakes

With regards to exercising fallacies and exercise session blunders, there are several of each that seem to pop-up with consistency. Let us tackle some of them right now:

Health and fitness misconception #1: To burn excessive fat, you have to lift little weights and carry out higher reps. That is a myth! Among the substantial secrets of weight management is to stimulate your muscles and boost your metabolic processes. Heavy weights achieve considerably more muscle stimulus than lighter weight loads thereby develop a greater upwards change in your metabolic process thus far better fat reduction.

Health and fitness myth #2: Muscle mass becomes to body fat if it is not used. This is one of the all time typical health and fitness fallacies! Really, how on earth can muscle amazingly morph into body fat? Sure, when you cease working out you might put on some extra fat and then your muscle mass may decrease. Yet, the muscles doesn’t simply change into body fat.

Health and fitness myth #3: When attempting to lose weight using cardio, you need to complete long duration cardio at low intensity. Just as before, this is incorrect. Although it is a fact to suggest that training at lower intensities will use up a high percentage of calories that will be derived from stored body fat, the overall calories expended and therefore more significant all round fat loss gain, will come from doing higher intensity activity.

Exercise mistake #1 is poor technique. Maybe you have realized that the individuals with the finest shape within the weights room aren’t usually the people lifting the heaviest weight? This is because these people realize that taking your muscles through the correct range of motion by way of fantastic form, despite a lighter weight, will almost certainly get the best benefits overall. There is little sense working out with a huge weight if you’re not activating the muscle correctly.

Exercise error #2 is performing a repetitive training program. The body is wise and will rapidly get used to repetitive training and burn a lesser number of energy per training session. The big secret to getting wonderful training outcomes is to change your program regularly. Training like this will always challenge your body, force it to utilize even more calories and trigger higher conditioning gains over-all.

Exercise mistake #3 is looking to lose weight through exercise without paying focus to eating habits. Some fitness industry experts propose that fat reduction is 70% diet and 30% physical exercise. You must be careful about your diet so that you are restricting the number of calories that you take in, but additionally to make certain it has the correct minerals and vitamins to function optimally.

For more great information about losing weight and exercising at home, check out the home spin bike reviews hub website and be sure to view the Livestrong Spinning Bike range.

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