How to Lose Weight While Sleeping – Whoa!!!

yeah firstly how to lose weight while sleeping they were gonna talking here how you burn fat while he sleeps I know that’s get you got actually agitated everyone scorch that stressing while they sleep one way you can lose the sorcery house the brown while you’re sleeping is by sleeping standing up how to burn fat while sleeping locally if you’re one of those people that can sleep standing up we have other recommendations for you let me start by saying that we all burn fat while we sleep how to lose weight while sleeping but today I want to give you guys a couple ideas a couple suggests on how you are able to how to lose weight while “youre sleeping” grow the amount that you’re burning while “youre sleeping” is the number one way you could actually increase the amount of fat you burn while “youre sleeping” is by increasing your resting metabolism how to burn fat while sleeping in general a lot of that are required to do with putting muscle mass on and ivory made a video on this subject so that’s a video you guys can check out right over here so other than running directly after your metabolism weight loss dinner you are able to scorch more calories when you sleep by doing specific sort the train there’s different types at Rangers cardiovascular education there’s weight teaching how to lose weight while “youre sleeping” this flexibility teaching functional education all different types the trade at all the different types teaching it’s been proven that way education has the best in fact on burning calories while “youre sleeping” where reference is do we teaching particularly when we apply heavyweights and “weve been” focus on breaking down the muscle tissue later on in the day and throughout the day in general your body’s you have to invest and to repair that muscle tissue period and vigor it’s got any calories to repair the muscle tissue so while you’re sleeping you have a whole bunch a broken down muscle tissue and your figure is also possible running a little harder weight loss dinner to repair that muscle tissue that’s one way you can really boost the matter how does the you’re burning while you’re in your bed sleeping the other thing that you can do at night before you go to bed in order to boost how to lose weight while sleeping schematic mansion you brown long sleeve you have a high protein high-fat meal your couple good examples I know that seems so self-contradictory everything you probably meant of especially the high-fat part good-for-nothing the most people don’t know about that classy people would think that is that pass statutes the digestion whatever it is that you did he if you have a right after your workout that’s a bad period fat because after work out you wanna star tomasa restoring process ass mongrel Park don’t have believed to be ...Read More

Leading Sleep Expert Offers Five Modern Day Tips for a Better Nights Sleep

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 02, 2015

While many people find it easy to be mindful of and work toward being healthier by changing their nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle habits, perhaps the most crucial element to a healthy body is often overlooked: Sleep. We spend up to a third of our lives doing it and we will literally die without it. Yet, the sleep aid sections of local pharmacies continue to expand, as an estimated 60 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders and over $ 56 billion and 25,000 lives are lost each year in the US because of sleep-related accidents.

In conjunction with national Sleep Awareness Week, March 2-8, 2015 (, sleep expert Karen Schwarzbach has compiled a list of five lesser-known facts and tips for a healthier sleep that everyone can consider and integrate into their lifestyles. Schwarzbach, a respected sleep consultant for more than twelve years who has helped literally thousands of sleep-deprived individuals finally achieve healthy and peaceful sleep patterns, outlines what she considers some of the more unknown sleep problems – and their solutions – that she encounters in our increasingly technology-dependent and high-pressure performance culture. With the recent nationwide integration the Affordable Health Care Act, Schwarzbach’s work has been increasingly in demand as focus on corporate wellness programs now being required by the act (for corporations of a certain size) continue to proliferate.

Schwarzbach, who routinely advocates sleep as one of the “Three Pillars of Health” (along with exercise and nutrition), has outlined the following top five oft-times surprising factors that contribute to modern Western cultural sleep maladies and her corresponding secrets for a better night’s sleep:

Avoid Wine Before Bedtime. It’s a nightly ritual for many Americans – drinking a couple of glasses of alcohol directly before falling asleep. In fact, many people consider alcohol a sleep aid due to its relaxing qualities. But, what many don’t realize is it is also common for pre-bedtime drinks to contribute to one being wide awake several hours after conking out. Schwarzbach explains that while drinking before bed can induce sleep, it actually disrupts sleep and diminishes the quality and depth of sleep, leading to restlessness and frequent wakings leaving one feeling fatigued the next morning. Also, alcohol is a diuretic, which can be dehydrating as well as increase one’s need to go the bathroom, causing one to awaken from slumber. She recommends that if wine or alcohol are a part of your evening routine, try to stop drinking at least one hour prior to sleep to preserve the most deep and crucial stages of sleep.

Avoid Electronics Before Bedtime. Many people routinely attempt to fall asleep immediately after watching television, using their laptops or checking e-mail or using apps on their smart phones. Many people are unaware that these devices all emit low blue light, which is absorbed and processed by the brain and can disrupt or slow down the body’s ...Read More

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S.P.E.E.D. – A Complete How-To Manual for Quick & Permanent Fat Loss – S.P.E.E.D. – Evidence Based Weight Loss

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Did you know that how well you sleep has a huge impact on whether or not you’ll be successful on a weight loss program? Sleep governs hormones which affect our mood, appetite and other important functions. S.P.E.E.D. will show you how important sleep is and what simple rules will help you become successful.
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Staying Awake During Long Drives

If you have ever taken a road trip – regardless of whether it was for fun or for ‘task’ – you have likely found how easily the road can make you sleepy. After all, the rush of the lines and the buzz of the tires often acts like a sedative. For anyone who ever plans to drive long distances, it is absolutely vital that they understand how to stay awake when the tiredness hits.


One big reason why long-distance driving will often make you feel so suddenly sleepy is because of the monotony of just driving and driving and driving. In order to cut this monotony a bit, it is important for you to understand what works best for you for “changing things up.” While some people feel that it is helpful to them to listen to music while they drive, for instance, even this can put you to sleep. If you listen to music, you need to frequently alter the sort of music you are playing, or else you need to switch back back and forth between no music and music.

Adjusting the temperature in the car, either by using the windows or by using the car’s air conditioning and/or heating settings is another great way for a driver to change things up, cutting the monotony.

Trying to go from gas stop to gas stop is one way people try to go about condensing their drive – which can often mean as much as five to six straight hours of driving. Rather than doing this, you should stop every hour or two in order to get out and stretch, helping the blood flow through your body.

And eating something that takes a long time to eat is one of the best ways to stay awake on a long drive. A couple examples of such items are apples – which can take a while if you eat them down to the core – and a bag of sunflower seeds.

When you are driving long distances, your ultimate goal is often to finish the journey as quickly as possible; but remember, if you do not learn how to stay awake whlie driving long distances, you may not make it there at all!

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Making The Most Of Your Weekends

For anyone who works full-time, weekends are very valuable; they are a time when you can unwind and relax a bit before you get back to the grind – but many people finish the weekend and return to work on Monday wondering, “Where did the weekend go?” One of the reasons so many people feel this way about their weekends is because they fail to maximize their weekends; while the approach to “maximizing” a weekend will be different for every different individual, here are a few tips for you to keep in mind for maximizing your weekend!

Sleep less: While your weekends can feel like they are tailor made for “getting more sleep,” extra sleep will not only shorten your weekend, but it can also make you more tired; when you get more sleep at night than your body is used to, it can make you feel sluggish, so instead of sleeping more at night, keep the same night schedule and take a short nap in the afternoon to get extra sleep!


Plan events: When you have nothing that you can point to from a weekend, saying “Oh yes, I did [such-and-such] during the weekend,” your weekends will tend to feel much emptier. Make sure you create at least one high point in your weekend by planning an event – even if it is just during an afternoon or an evening – that you will be able to point to later on.

Don’t think about the week: A lot of people feel “pressure” from their weekends, thinking about the work week they just came out of, and thinking about the work week they are about to be heading into, and they forget to focus on the time at hand!

When you try these three tips for maximizing your weekend, you should find that at least one of them (and perhaps all of them!) works great for you, and that you can follow the tips to have weekends that feel longer and more relaxing.


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How To Fight Fevers In Children.

It can be very nerve rakcing when your child is young and running a high fever. You can feel really helpless as a mother when your child is sick. You have a few things you can do to drop your child’s temperature.

Running a fever is actually good. This is how your body naturally fights of an infection. If it seems like your child is doing okay running a fever, the best thing you can do is let it run it’s course. If your child is comfortable it may not be a problem even if they are running as high as 102. There are times when you need to get the fever dropped to a more tolerable level.

Once a fever rises above 102 it is time to really take some action to get the fever dropped a bit. Taking @@AMAZONTEXT;B001E96LOA;childrens Tylenol@@ is a good way to begin reducing a fever. Make sure that when you give Tylenol you use your child’s weight instead of their age because this is much more accurate. Fevers can cause a risk for Reyes disease, which is why most pediatrians recommend only using tylenol.

Make sure your child stays hydrated. When your children are sick it is more important to keep them drinking clear liquids like water over eatting food. If you can get your child to drink water you can try alternatives like pedialite or pediasure. My children really liked @@AMAZONTEXT;B0007XXP7A;pedialyte freeze pops@@.

This is a great way to get fluids in without the fight.

Taking a warm (not hot) bath can also help to drop your child’s temperature down. You don’t want to chill them, so make sure not to drop it too low. Then loosely wrap them in some light clothing. Over bundling your child when they are sick can actually make their temperature higher.

One last tip for you to consider; when your child is sleeping, and you want to take their temperature use a temporal thermometer or a @@AMAZONTEXT;B003YUFG8Y;noncontact thermometer@@. Using either of these thermometers will minimize how much you need to disrupt the sleep your child so desperately needs to get healthy again.

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Staying Warm When Camping

Whether you are going backpacking deep in the woods or are simply going camping at a campsite beside your car, and whether you are going camping in the fall when it is crisp during the day and cold at night or during the summer when the weather at night tends to fluctuate, one of the most important things in order for you to enjoy yourself is that you get a good night of sleep, and in order to get a good night of sleep you will need to be able to protect yourself from the cold (yes, even during the summer!).

Of course, in order to keep yourself warm when camping, a good sleeping bag is the first thing you will need; when it comes to picking out a good camping sleeping bag, realize that it is better to go with a camping bag graded for colder temperatures than you expect to be in than to go with one that is right in the range you think you will need, as it is easy to make yourself cooler by unzipping your sleeping bag a bit, but there is not much you can do to make your sleeping bag warmer if it is a cold night.

You can still deal with some pretty chilly nights when camping, even if you have a good sleeping bag, because the ground itself tends to be cold at night; in order to combat this, you will want to make sure you get a good camping pad – which can be an inflatable air mattress if you are camping out of your car, and can be something lightweight, sturdy, and insulated if you are going to be backpacking.


And actually, you will often have a harder time keeping yourself warm at night if you bundle up inside your sleeping bag instead of simply wearing a single layer; when you go with just one layer (or even with no layers at all!) inside your sleeping bag, it will trap your body heat, and will make you a whole lot warmer!

Make sure you keep these tips in mind, regardless of the time of year during which you are going camping, and they will help you to remain warm when the cold weather rolls in at night.


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