Water And Exercise

Water And Exercise

The human body is made up of over 75% of water, and
as we all know, we cannot live without water. The
fact is, we can only survive for a total of 3 days
without water. Water has however, been replaced in
most diets by soft drinks and other sugar sweetened
refreshments. Keep in mind that water is a healthier
and necessary for leading yourself towards a better
health and longevity.

Your own personal need for water can vary greatly
due to exercise, weight, and temperature. Research
has proven that over 2/3 of adults don’t get the
water they need on a daily basis. By drinking water
on a regular basis you can replenish your body and
keep it well hydrated and functioning as it should be.

A majority of us wait until we are thirsty before
we drink water. Keep in mind, this way isn’t a
reliable gauge of the water needs for the body. By
the time you are thirsty you have already lost two
of more cups of the body’s water supply. Therefore,
drinking water regularly is much better than simply
waiting until you are thirsty.

It is very important that you don’t substitute
beverages with alcohol and caffeine for water. The
reason behind this is that those types of beverages
act as a diuretic and can cause you to lose more
weight through increased urination. You may think
and feel as if you are getting more water through
these beverages, although the fact is that you
are letting it go almost as fast as you consume it.

Anytime you exercise, you need more water. Due to
perspiration, your body will lose quite a bit of
water. For each pound lost due to exercise, you need
to drink 2 cups of water. Even when you lay down
to sleep, your body loses water. By drinking a
glass or more of water before you go to sleep, you
can wake up with your body functioning as it should

It should become more obvious that when you are sick
you’ll need more water than any other tine. When
you get a cold or the flu, your body can become
dehydrated quite quickly. You can help to prevent
this by drinking more water at times when you become

There are several mixed opinions as to whether
purified water will actually provide benefit. This
is a subject you should explore yourself as you
determine the best type of water for yourself.

Always make it a habit to drink water on a daily
basis. You should keep a bottle of water with you
at all times and drink it throughout the day. You
should also teach yourself to drink water instead
of other beverages that don’t replenish the nutrients
your body needs.


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Clearly Filtered: Review Examining Perfect Aqua Purifiers Water Filtering Pitcher Released

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 03, 2015

Clearly Filter claims that it can eliminate 71 contaminants, including benzene, fluoride, hormone changing prescription drugs, lead, arsenic and pesticides while all beneficial minerals such as calcium and zinc stay in the water as it passes through the filter. This has caught the attention of HealthyandFitZone.com’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“Our Clearly Filtered review shows you get a pitcher that helps eliminate fluoride, pesticides and other chemicals out of your water. The filter works much faster than the Brita filter, which is one of the most popular filter systems on the market right now, but it is much more effective, according to them,” reports Stevenson. “In fact, they say that their pitcher filters out 99.99% of contaminants that cause disease, and they have lab test results on their website to back up their impressive claim. It does a better job than other filters and also costs less than going out and getting bottle after bottle of water that is most likely unfiltered.”

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher uses coconut carbon whose micro porous surface is vey effective in grabbing and trapping contaminant molecules in drinking water to filter it. The second part of the filter uses an organic NATCLEAN filter, which grabs and absorbs heavy metals, fluoride, and other contaminants. Layers have been added inside the filter to ensure that if a contaminant misses the first filter, it passes through half the surface area of the filter before it comes out completely. These filters also remove chemicals such as color that are on a microscopic level.

“The filter pulls heavy metals and fluoride out of your water, purifies it more than the leading brand of water purifier and costs less than buying bottled water. Stop worrying about the water that you are drinking. The bottle is made of BPA free plastic, which further makes it a healthy choice when compared to other alternatives,” says Stevenson. “Filters are small but powerful compared to much larger filters. You get a free pitcher if you break a pitcher with the lifetime warranty. You can take 90 days to search for other pitchers and if you find something that works better, you can get a refund.”

“Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher proves that it can filter out 99.99% of the contaminants in your tap water, which offers a peace of mind that you can’t get from other filters. If you are concerned about your health, then this is a filter you will want to get. The website was evaluated by a medical doctor who reviewed the claims, products, and more and found it to be trustworthy. Anyone who already uses a filter system, who is thinking about getting their water filtered or buys their water from a company that filters water can save themselves a ton of money by just buying this filter system first.”

Those wishing to purchase Clearly Filtered, or for more information, ...Read More

Study linking dehydration and stroke severity supports fresh water advocates warnings

Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) March 03, 2015

A recent study of the correlation between dehydration and stroke severity* confirms what water advocate and radio host Sharon Kleyne has been saying for decades.† Kleyne believes that dehydration – lack of sufficient water in the body – is extremely widespread and could affect as much as 90 percent of the US population. Kleyne further believes that research will eventually show that dehydration is a factor in nearly all disease, including aging and stroke.

Salamon, M, “Dehydration linked to greater stroke damage,” Medicine.net, February 12, 2015 http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=186889

† “UK study of dehydration among elderly nursing home patients no surprise to fresh water advocate,” PRWeb.com, February 5, 2015


Kleyne recently discussed the topics of dehydration, strokes, and daily water requirements on the February 23, 2015 Sharon Kleyne Hour™ Power of Water® radio show. For the live broadcast and podcasts of past shows, go to http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2207/the-sharon-kleyne-hour.

The syndicated radio show, hosted by Sharon Kleyne, is heard weekly on VoiceAmerica and Apple iTunes. The education oriented show is sponsored by Bio-Logic Aqua® Research, a global research and technology center founded by Kleyne and specializing in fresh water, the atmosphere and dehydration. Nature’s Mist® Face of the Water® is the Research Center’s signature product for dry and dehydrated skin and eyes.

The reason dehydration has such a far reaching impact on the human body and health, Kleyne explains, is that every process, structure and cell of the body requires water to function properly. The body is usually estimated to be 60 to 70 percent water by volume. When calculated by number of molecules rather than volume, says Kleyne, the body is probably 99 percent water (since water molecules are very small). Like the Earth, the body is a water recycling machine that to survive, must constantly eliminates used water and constantly replaces it with new water.

The body obtains water, according to Kleyne, from drinking via the stomach, and by absorption of water vapor from the atmosphere through the skin, lungs and eyes.

Dehydration weakens every part of the body that requires water, which is every part of the body, including bones and teeth, Kleyne explains. Dehydration especially weakens the immune system, muscles and the cardiovascular system. Dehydration can lead to heart and kidney disorders, stroke, lowered disease resistance and reduced effectiveness of medication. Severe dehydration can be fatal.         .    

Nearly everyone, Kleyne believes, is slightly dehydrated. With climate change, air pollution, increasing global drought and changes in atmospheric water vapor, the incidence and severity of dehydration is increasing worldwide. The most common risk factors for stroke – age, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, alcohol and drug use, diabetes, inactivity, obesity, poor diet and high stress – are also common risk factors for dehydration.

The elderly are at high risk for dehydration, says Kleyne, in part because as humans age, their thirst reflex diminishes. The elderly also tend to consume large ...Read More