Taking A Look At Three Modern Literary Masters

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When you were in high school or college, there is a good chance that you were instructed to read a number of the great authors of the past, but in the intervening time, you might have come to realize that you have really read nothing but mainstream, commercial fiction – and if you are a big fan of reading, you may have been wondering where else you can look for authors to sample; while each reader’s tastes are certainly unique to their own self, there are a few modern authors who are likely to be taught to high school and college students years from now (and in fact, who are being taught in some high schools and colleges already!), and these are certainly authors worth giving some attention.

Cormac McCarthy – a name you may have heard in recent years, as a couple of his books have been turned into movies – is one of the authors you should take a look at; even before “No Country for Old Men” was turned into an Oscar-winning movie, and even before “The Road” was turned into an acclaimed film, McCarthy had already landed two books on “Time” magazine’s list of 100 greatest English language novels of the last 70 years, and he had become a winner of the National Book Award.

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A more recent winner of the National Book Award (but one who you may not have heard of just yet, as none of his books have been turned into major films) is Colum McCann; Colum McCann is an Irish writer, but his novel “Let the Great World Spin” is considered to be one of the greatest and most comprehensive tales of New York City ever told in literature!

And one of the authors who has changed the face of literature over the last 10 years more than anyone else is Dave Eggers, who made a splash with his memoir “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius,” and who has since grown himself into one of the most respected fiction writers alive!

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If you are trying to find some new authors to start reading, you should certainly consider giving some of these men a look – after all, it is tough to go wrong with some of the greatest authors alive today.

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