Taking It At Your Own Pace

One thing that connects a lot of people’s failed exercise regimes is that they find the whole pace of the process a bit too much to take. Having resolved to do a certain amount every day, it is easy to become disheartened when it is either impossible or hugely difficult to stick to the regime. In these cases it is common for people to think it just isn’t going to happen for them, and to abandon the idea altogether. This is a shame, without a doubt. Often in such cases, it is not a matter of exercise being too much; rather, it is a case of too much exercise too soon.
The most important thing about any exercise regime is that it should be enough to make you feel that you have worked hard, but not too much to realistically sustain. If, the day after a trip to the gym, you cannot bend to tie your shoelaces without immense pain, then you have gone too far. However, if you have breezed through it without feeling out of breath, then the chances are that you have done too little cardiovascular exercise to really make any impact at all. Your own pace is somewhere in between these two points, and if you go too far one day you should not feel that it is a reason to stop – rather, a timely lesson in pacing yourself. Once you find your own pace, you will find that you can lift it a few notches in time, and then the results will begin to flow.

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