TargetABS – 5 Worst Training Mistakes For Six Pack Abs


Easily start getting ripped six pack abs with these 5 simple yet scientifically proven methods that guarantee real results!

Have you been trying everything to get a ripped six pack yet nothing seems to be working? What would you do if you suddenly found out, that the standard common methods you’ve been using to get an awesome body were well, WRONG? …So let me start by explaining the 5 simple yet scientifically proven methods that will completely change the results you see from your current workouts (which are more than likely sabotaging and killing your results).

We all know that cardio is important but here’s a big tip for you – not all cardio was created equal. Doing long sessions of steady-state cardio (running on the treadmill for an hour) not only takes up all your workout time (and is boring) but it will also eat into your muscle too! If you’re trying to get a great physique you need to be maintaining your muscle and only burning fat, and this is where interval sprint training comes in. Not only does it create huge EPOC’s from your workouts but it also maintains your muscle. You only need to look at sprint athletes bodies compared to a marathon runners to understand what I mean. Sprint athletes have dense ripped muscle where as marathon and long distance athletes have a slight skinny tone. Sprint training also takes up about a third of the time needed on a treadmill and will continue burning fat for up to 48 hours after your workouts compared to up to 4 hours from treadmill long distance runs. Combining sprint training with your effective weight training program is absolutely key to getting into amazing shape!

When you keep doing the same workouts week in week out, your body adapts and becomes used to it…you’ll hit a plateau, get stuck and quickly become de-motivated. Simply changing your routines will keep your body guessing and will prevent your body from hitting the dreaded plateau! We are creatures of habit, and like routines, but when it comes to your training this is a definite result KILLER. So it is absolutely key to keep varying your training routines to get maximum results. By having several different variations of high intensity compound exercise weight training programs and different variations of sprint training programs and continually switching and matching them all together will really keep your body adjusting and gaining maximum results!

Rest is just as important…