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Former fatty spills the beans on how to lose weight fast so you can watch the pounds and inches disappear. Find out the best kept quick weight loss tips and everything there is to know about losing weight fast in a smart way.

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Test Your Metabolism For Free — DailyWeightLoss.comClick Image To Visit Site"I want to lose weight. Yes I do! I am fat, I am miserable and I want to lose weight. I want to be slim and sexy. I want to fit in those tight clothes. I want I want I want…"

Meanwhile my hand picked up a slice of cheesecake and sat it on the table. I took a fork in hand. My mind was going crazy. “Don’t do it, you want to lose weight.” said a tiny voice in my head. “What the hell, you ate an extra large pizza just moments ago. What difference would this slice of delicious cheesecake make” said another voice.

Being overweight is hard. You are faced with tough decision at each pace. Should I eat a hamburger with fries and a cola or a salad with plain water. You know what the right choices are but it’s so darn hard to make them. You know you have to exercise, eat healthy food and take better care of yourself if you want to lose weight. But it’s hard to do and good advice is even harder to find.

That is why I decided to start DailyWeightLoss.com. I want to share with you the best easy weight loss solutions available. Quick weight loss methods that actually work.

I’m not perfect. I don’t have a movie star body, or six pack abs. I’m still working on it, exercising and being careful what I eat. But I’m a lot happier now that I managed to lose the bulk of my fat.

Quick weight loss is a life changing experience. I know that because it was for me. My former obese life is over and a healthier and slimmer one is spread in front of me. I wish to help you get on the path of fast weight loss. Then I will help you stay fit and healthy forever. Successful weight loss is not the end of the journey. It’s just the beginning of a glorious and healthy life.

My goal is to help 1.000.000 people lose weight and become healthier for life. Help me achieve my goal by being one of them. Here is how you get started…

To use the Metabolism Calculator select your gender, enter your current weight, height, age and activity level … then click the calculate button. In a second (or less) you will have your personal results: Read more…

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