The Aftermath of Weight Loss

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Those of us who have successfully followed a weight loss plan in the past will be familiar with a peculiar quandary. That is the issue of keeping that weight off. When we had a target to aim for the whole process seemed almost easy because there was a purpose behind it. Once the target weight has been reached, it becomes an issue of how on earth we can live up to the achievement we managed before. It seems ridiculous. Surely it should be easier to keep doing something than it is to change something? And yet, without the momentum we have created in beginning a weight loss plan, it is fiendishly difficult to stick to.
If we have slimmed down for a particular reason which no longer applies then perhaps there is no need to worry, but if we slimmed down because our size before was making us unhealthy and/or depressed then the issue changes. An incentive makes any process a heck of a lot easier. Ask anyone who has slimmed down in the past and they will tell you that it is easy to lose four pounds when you have twenty more to lose. But when you need to maintain a healthy weight, it becomes difficult not to gain pounds. The only solution to this quandary is to think about it in terms of weeks and days.
Where before your signpost was “lose ten pounds by March” it now becomes “don’t gain any weight this week”. There may be less glory in this, but the benefits to you remain the same.


Agustin Quinones
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