The Craving Control Diet


New craving control diet helps you lose 3 to 5 pounds a week without surgery, starvation diets, or dangerous or expensive appetite suppressant drugs. Eat satisfying food, and lose weight.

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The Craving Control DietClick Image To Visit SiteIf you or someone you love needs to lose weight, here are some facts you need to know:

Popular diets have a built-in design flaw: they force you to obsess about food, so you inevitably drop off the diet. You have to, because you can’t stop thinking about food.

Once you’re off the diet, you gain weight even easier than you did before you started, because your metabolism has slowed down and the food obsessions don’t immediately go away.

You’ve seen the statistics that say "dieters fail to keep their weight off 95% of the time". That number is based on an important study done in 1917 at the Carnegie Institution of Washington’s Nutrition Laboratory. The study was repeated in 1944 at the University of Minnesota, at the request of the US Army.

Both these studies showed there are many physical and psychological side effects of low-calorie diets, and one of those side effects is an average weight gain of 5 to 8 pounds.

It’s the diet that causes the eventual weight gain, not the dieter. For years we’ve been blamed for a failure that is built in to the design of almost every popular diet on the market today.

Even if you don’t officially ‘diet’, but you ‘eat right’ by giving up red meat, taking all the skin off your chicken breasts, and looking for those ‘heart-healthy’ low-fat food products, you’re setting yourself up for food cravings and slow but steady weight gain.

That’s because the low-fat advice was originally based on faulty science, and the media simply hasn’t caught up with the latest studies proving that low-fat diets cause sugar cravings and food obsessions.

Those scientific studies are publicly available for diet authors to read, but you continue to see articles and books claiming you can lose weight or stay healthy by ‘eating less and cutting back on calories and fat’, even though the advice doesn’t work now, and never did.

Jonni, I am making slow, but definite, progress, having lost 2.8kg (6lb) to date. I have not always been good at sticking exactly to the plan, but my biggest success has been overcoming the sugar craving. That has definitely been amazing to me, and nothing containing sugar has passed my lips since I started your wonderful plan!

I even believed it myself for years, and I wrote many ‘helpful’ articles containing tips and suggestions about eating less and cutting back on fat… Read more…

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