The Detox Specialist – Definitive Detox Diet


Complete detox diet plan with tasty detox recipes that don’t leave you hungry. Choose from 3 levels of detox to suit your lifestyle.

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The Detox Specialist - Definitive Detox DietClick Image To Visit SiteWhat if you could detox and cleanse your body without starving yourself, taking unusual supplements, spending hours preparing complicated dishes, or changing your entire lifestyle?

And without the guilt and pressure of missing family meals or making separate dishes.It is possible. And in a minute, I’ll tell you exactly how.

Hello, I’m Sandy Halliday, Former Nurse, Nutritionist & Health Expert.

Many years ago, I was just like you. I followed the same “proven” health programs as everyone else, and then, one day, I became very ill. I tried everything to get over my illness, but nothing seemed to work. My doctor suggested several different prescriptions and health regimens to help, but no matter what I did, I didn’t feel any better.

One day, a friend told me about a Master Cleanse. Of course, I had no idea what they were talking about; health information was not as easy to come by back then.

My pursuit of information about the Master Cleanse was leading me from one source to the other and all the information pointed in all different directions. The one common method was starvation and fruit-only diets.

That was over 25 years ago, and it started my mission to find the ultimate detox diet plan. The plan for the everyday person who needs nutrition and healthy fulfillment to function on a daily basis because I understood that life doesn’t stop for a detox. Life rarely slows down for anything. I also knew that if I was having problems finding the right information, other people were just as lost as I was. They were dedicating precious time searching through endless amounts of conflicting information to find the "right" healthy solution and they were running out of options, just as I was.

That’s when I became a student of detox methods. I just knew from all my research that the root cause of all my problems was due to my body becoming overburdened with toxins, all I had to do was to find a process that effectively eliminated these toxins, PERMANENTLY!

Since then, I have experimented with many different types of detoxification diets, tried various nutritional detox recipes and researched the roles that many of our major organs play in keeping our bodies free of toxins.

Then one day I decided to follow a very specific process that was a combination of detox therapies and methods that I had either used… Read more…

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