The Healing Code of Weight Loss ebook by Dr. Michael Roth


The NEW Wellness, Weight Loss, and You! Health Solutions for a Lifetime. A new ebook by Dr. Michael Roth.

Do you struggle with stubborn belly fat that you just can’t lose? Do you feel "stuck" with your current health and weight, but are resigned to the idea that there’s nothing you can do to change it? Are you lacking energy and enthusiasm for life? A recognized expert in the fields of weight loss and stress management, Dr. Michael Roth shares his wisdom with you. He proposes that many of our weight issues are really the result of underlying stress. He will take you, step-by-step, through the process of identifying and then overcoming the physical and emotional blocks you may have that have prevented you from achieving your goals. You can change your weight and your health – and you can do it for a lifetime! This cutting-edge ebook will also help you to identify your body type, and then learn what that information means as far as how your body will best be able to lose fat. Dr. Roth empowers you to reach your health and weight loss goals by giving you many tools to aid you in your journey, including his new Somato Emotional Repatterning Technique! (Learn the secrets to removing your limiting beliefs, thus creating space for new, empowering choices that will allow your innate balance and wellness to shine forth. Dr. Roth has used this successfully with his patients to facilitate releasing unwanted extra pounds.)