The Healthy-Life-Pyramid

This program provides you will a "step-by-step" plan that was founded by ancient civilizations, and mastered by the leaders of our military and the fire service.

This method of teaching and training has over 200 years of success stories and countless testamonials from elite military commanders to almost every modern day fire department.

This method of obtaining optimum health has at its core a simple set of procedures that can be adopted and adapted by anyone looking to simply lose some unwanted weight, to get into better shape or train for competitive sports.

The Healthy-Life-Pyramid contains everything you could need to know about creating a healthier lifestyle. You will learn how initially building your "Fitness" plan will lead to incremental changes in your "Nutritional" habits. You will also learn the necessary steps in getting and staying "Motivated", and how to identify and reduce the effects that "Stress" places on our health and in our lives.

The "Fitness Command Procedures" are your plan to design, initiate and maintain a goal oriented, age appropriate exercise plan that will improve your Fitness and set the stage for building the other sides to your Pyramid.

The "Healthy Mindset Command Procedures" will help you develop a realistic attitude and balance between your Fitness, Nutrition, and your home and family life. The prevention of burnout and long term abandonment of good eating habits are a major key to long term lifestyle development.

The "Nutrition Command Procedures" will guide you through a proper evaluation of your current meal plans, or lack of planning and set up realistic short, and long term adjustments to your eating habits to meet your nutritional requirements.

The "Stress Management Command Procedures" will help you manage the physiological effects that stress places on our lives. How we manage and reduce these stressors vastly improves our quality of life. This set of procedures provides you some stratagies for a calmer demeanor, and stress management skills.

The "Heathy-Life-Pyramid" was written for people from of all ages and current states of health, and fitness levels. Whether you’ve been exercising for years, or if you havent been active for many more. This book will guide your transformation by setting up an easy to follow plan, and giving you insider access to cutting edge science, proven products, and appropriate exercise protocols.

This book was written based off of cold, hard facts…