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How To LIve With Vitality Using The Alkaline Diet

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This is exactly where I was in June 2007, working as a busy Management Consultant, feeling frustrated that life seemed to be getting away from me. At 50lbs overweight, the risk of developing a major health challenge such as cardiovascular problems, a stroke, even cancer was significantly greater.

The turning point came when I got into an elevator in a London hotel at the end of a particularly stressful day of training. It was my good fortune that this was no ordinary elevator; it had mirrors on 4 sides and for the first time, I got a shocking perspective!

I was appalled by the image which confronted me; an overweight, unhealthy Management Consultant who seemed to have aged significantly.

I set about making some simple daily changes to my diet and lifestyle which added up to a massive impact. In a second I’ll reveal how you can copy the exact 5 steps that took me from 200 lbs to 150lbs in 90 days.

You see, your body’s ‘inner terrain’ (your bloodstream) needs to maintain a slightly alkaline pH balance of 7.365 in order to function optimally. If your pH level is too acidic, then one of the consequences is that your body will create fat, to isolate the extra acidity and toxicity. But…

Imagine you impressing your friends, colleagues, and family members… hear them say "WOW! How did you lose so much weight?! You look AMAZING!"

Imagine Having Your Self-Confidence Skyrocket! "If I can achieve THIS, what ELSE can I do?"

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