The Kettlebell #30 Day Shred Program — RYAN RAW: Online Kettlebell Workouts

I’m 40, a Mom of 2 and the Trainers wife. Ryan tested his #30 Day Kettlebell Shred Program on me, before anyone else, to make sure it works. I have no time and I hate to exercise, but this was easy to do and I felt the body firming effects after each workout, which is motivating to keep doing the program. It’s truly amazing how defined your ABS can get, after only 30 days of doing this Kettlebell program.

We have 2 young kids that are jumping all over us all day, and never want to sleep, oh yeah and a crazy work schedule, did I mention the old sports injuries.

Our list of excuses could go on for days, but truly listen, if you want to make the same changes to your body like we easily do…

These Ryan Raw Online Workout programs are the same workouts I used to make my above Body Transformation, and I did it training at home, with a Kettlebell and only training 3x a week.

So, as you can see, I very much understand the fat loss battle, and I know what it takes to lose weight.  I’ve dedicated my life to helping people lose weight, regain health and feel great!