The Peril Of Eating Disorders

Anyone who pays attention to the media and its interest in people – particularly celebrities – will have seen no small amount of articles dealing with eating disorders. The issue of eating disorders is one that makes for no small amount of controversy, as there are always issues of blame when something so serious arises. Eating disorders, most specifically anorexia nervosa, have been the cause of numerous deaths, and when someone dies because of their diet, blame is never far away from people’s minds. In most people’s opinions, the blame for anorexia and other eating disorders lies squarely with the celebrity and advertising worlds.
Whenever the issue of anorexia is raised, the eyes of the media turn to the “super-skinny” celebrities who are photographed looking gaunt and emaciated. These celebrities are sometimes by insinuation and sometimes by outright accusation blamed for the numbers of young people going too far in their dieting in order to achieve an impossible ideal of the way someone should look if they want to be beautiful. It is less often mentioned that the media themselves have been printing these pictures attached to a stream of approving comments, and in equal number disapproving comments about celebrities who are “carrying a little extra weight”.
Society can be rather harsh when it comes to judging people, and it is often felt by young people – famous or otherwise – that if they fail to meet an image which supposedly represents the ideal of beauty, they will be outcasts. This is by far the number one cause of eating disorders.

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