The Super Villain Workout


We’ve analyzed 5 super villains in the exact same way the NFL combine analyzes prospects for the league – strengths, weaknesses, & bottom line. We then developed and tested an entire training program around them.

Brought to you by Ram Fitness + Bandana Training: Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists + Advisory Board Member for Arnold Schwarzenegger and contributors for:

If you love exercise and you love villains, you’re going to love #SVW. But if you don’t, we’ll give you your money back and take over the world without you.

"I thought I couldn’t be destroyed but Phase 3 broke my back. I wasn’t the hero that Gotham deserved. "

We’ve analyzed 4 super villains in the exact same way the NFL combine analyzes prospects for the league – strengths, weaknesses, and bottom line. We then developed and tested an entire training program based around them.

The best part – it’s WILDLY effective. If your goal is to get as monstrous as Bane, you’ve gotta push the programming to a vicious extreme. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Lots of the exercises are linked to quick / kick-ass demo videos. It almost like we’re training together in the gym.

Editor’s Note: We design programs for a living. Each meso-phase starts at $299. So if we were to design a custom 4 phase program, it’d cost $1169. And if you were to come to NYC and snag a spot in our training schedule, you’d be paying $245 for a single session. An entire program chock full of ridiculously intelligent workouts + training logs, an all access pass to the the demo library and online support? This is a home run.

#SVW is going to be effective for anyone who wants to get powerful, jacked, & shredded. Period. But it will be especially effective for folks who love the hell out of comic books and superhero movies, because it just makes all of this so damn fun.

Q: If you had to pick one Super Villain who’s more villainous than the rest, who would it be?

Obviously it’s Venom. No Bane. No, no…Venom. Tag @BandanaTraining @RamFitnessNYC #SVW on twitter and let’s duke this one out.

A lot of effort was put into making the program interesting without making it too complex. So all of the equipment is standard issue gym shwag – DB’s, BB’s, KB’s, cable stacks, physioballs, etc. Like any program, if you don’t have the available equipment, the game becomes replacing the exercise with something that mimics the movement pattern…in other words, is…


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