thintuition – my life, my body, connecting.


Rob Stevens’ thintuition – diets end. weight loss begins.

The thintuition program begins by providing you with an assessment of both your personality and of your relationship with food. A questionnaire summarizes the information necessary for you to design a plan that is sustainable because it is in harmony with your basic nature.

Once you arrive at your member homepage, the colorful and inviting world of the full thintuition program is at your fingertips. This is where you have an opportunity to transform your relationship with food and eating. Learn about the six practices of people who follow their thintuition. Complete highly engaging interactive exercises to make the six practices become part of your life. Soon youll be eating and living like a person with thintuition, someone who no longer struggles with their weight eating the foods you love. With specific direction and design you have a greater success rate in reaching your weight loss goal than with other standard programs. Getting started is simple and quite refreshing to see that it is you who the program is custom-designed for. It is you who the program wants to see succeed. And it is you who learns to understand yourself, your mind and your body, and how to work in unison with each area for a successful victory over your battle with weight. I highly recommend this unique and effective program to anyone who is fed up with dieting and ready to finally do something that will produce a lasting result.

I was 4 months away from my 60th birthday and had chronic orthopedic problems. Pool exercises and Pilates were helpful, but I knew that if I did not lose weight my mobility and future health was at risk. I was just about to sign up for Weight Watchers for the 3rd or 4th time when my husband suggested that we check out thintuition at the health club. I somewhat reluctantly agreed to attend the meeting and walked out, believing that I would lose weight and keep it off.

10 months later I have lost over 50 pounds and several borderline health problems are at normal levels (blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol). I deeply appreciate that thintuition is unique to each participant. I do not eat what, when or how much some expert says I should eat. I eat in regard to my own nutritional needs, preferences and desires, and only when I get hungry enough to eat. Thintuition has been a journey…