Three Authors Who Changed Books Forever

If you get a kick out of books, one thing that will help you gain a new perspective on the books you read – and that will also help you to enjoy many of the books you read a lot more – is for you to understand what each writer did in order to “change the game” when it comes to literature. And while just about every well-known author out there has, at some point, or in some way, changed writing at least a little bit, there are some writers who have changed the game more than others.

Mark Twain: Many people are unaware of the fact that Twain’s most famous works (ever heard of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn?) were quite controversial at the time of their publication; not only is Twain considered one of the funniest men to ever write literature, but he was also a groundbreaking author in his time, exploring ideas and issues that other writers were unwilling (or unable!) to explore.

Ernest Hemingway: There are certainly plenty of readers who read Hemingway and find that they “do not get it,” but even if you do not enjoy Hemingway yourself, it helps to understand the impact he had on literature; Hemingway was the first writer to make literature accessible to everyone – shedding the high-brow approach, and instead writing books that anyone could read, and that anyone could enjoy – and this influence has continued to echo throughout the ages that have followed.


Hunter S Thompson: “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas” was Thompson’s most well-known work, but he wrote many stories that were in a similar vein – what he called “Gonzo Journalism”; Gonzo Journalism entailed putting your own self in the story, and living wildly enough that you became the centerpiece of the story you were covering, and this new approach to writing changed the way many journalists viewed their craft.

Of course, you can enjoy all of these authors without having this historical perspective in hand, but with this understanding of the ways in which these writers changed the game of literature, diving into their books will be an experience that is that much more enjoyable!