Three Great Fish For Beginners

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You might have purchased a fish tank and found yourself wondering, “Okay, what is next; where do I begin?” After all, you know that you cannot just start adding fish; first, you will have to know what it takes to make your tank run successfully. These elements include lights, a heater, and a filter that works, and water levels that are balanced. But even before you can start to get the water ready for fish you have to decide what sort of fish you will keep! Your choices are as follows: freshwater, brackish, and saltwater; while each of these options has its own set of benefits and drawbacks the thing that remains constant among all of them is the fact that you need to research and understand what you are doing. Once you have decided what kind of tank you wish to have, you need to set up the tank and let it run for a few days before you can add fish, making sure all the levels are balanced and stable. When you are finally ready to add fish, you should know what you are doing, and you can pick a good beginning fish for the type of tank you have set up.

If you have settled on keeping a freshwater tank, start out with an inexpensive, easy-to-take-care-of option. One fish that fits this description is the tetra, which typically costs under $3, and is small and vivid. You might even consider starting out with three or four tetras, as they are schooling fish. Add these little fish to your tank, and wait a couple weeks to make sure you have the hang of it. While you wait to add more fish, this miniature school will keep your tank bright!

Brackish fish generally roam the areas where streams pour into the ocean. These fish thrive when the water is mostly fresh, with just a little bit of saltwater added. The killifish is a good, hardy brackish fish for beginners. These fish have vivid colors, and they will keep your tank company as you wait to expand.

Finally, you may be considering taking a chance by getting your feet wet with a saltwater tank. Of course, saltwater tanks are more difficult to work with, and the fish are more expensive; but these drawbacks are a fair trade for the beauty of these tanks. If you have set up the tank and the levels are remaining steady, consider adding a clownfish first. After all, if you have decided to have a saltwater tank, you have probably long-since decided to buy a clownfish eventually! Clownfish are hardy and entertaining, and they are not all that expensive.

Your fish tank will be easy to run once you get the hang of it. The above fish can help you on your way, no matter what sort of tank you decide you want to have.


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