Tips For Building A Sandcastle

You will probably be looking to spend some solid chunks of time at the beach now that summer is here – especially if you live near the ocean – but as fun as the beach can be, it can sometimes seem like you run out of things to do; if you have ever felt this way yourself, one idea that is always great is to build a sandcastle!

You can make your sandcastle big or small, and you can make your sandcastle simple or elaborate, but no matter what you are thinking in terms of how you want your sandcastle to turn out, the first thing you will need to do is pick a good spot; you will want to be far enough away from the water that it will not be washed away as soon as you finish, but you will want to be close enough that you do not have to walk forever for each new bucket of water!

You can start to pile the sand after you have picked a spot; there is no right or wrong answer to the question of how high you should build your pile – it simply depends on how big you want your sandcastle to be!


Once you have built your pile of sand, you can use a bucket to add on some towers to the pile, and then you can begin to shape the pile of sand so that it resembles what you want your sandcastle to look like.

And once the pile has been shaped in some semblance of what you will want it to look like in the end, it will be time to start sculpting; make sure you have enough water that the castle will not start to crumble, and be creative, trying different things in order to get the desired effects.

It is unlikely that you will build a sandcastle masterpiece on your first try – or even on your first few tries – but you will still have plenty of fun, and you will only get better the more times you do it!