Tips For Chasing Away Dandruff Without Drying Out Your Hair

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When you are getting dandruff on your head, one of the main things this means is that your scalp is dried out, and in order to fix this problem, you need to use shampoo that will keep your scalp from drying out; of course, the problem with this “solution” is that too much shampoo can cause your hair to dry out, which is just as bad as being stuck with dandruff! Washing your hair a couple times each week with a dandruff shampoo should solve the issue if you do not have an actual dandruff problem; if, on the other hand, you struggle to fight off dandruff on a regular basis, here are a few things you can consider doing to make the problem go away.

Washing your hair frequently enough to make the dandruff go go away, without washing so frequently that your hair dries out, is of course the first key to chasing away dandruff; this balance is different for every person, but you should have a pretty good idea of what this balance is for yourself.

Your scalp and hair will get conditioned to a particular shampoo when you use it on a regular basis, and the shampoo will therefore become less effective; try alternating between two different shampoos in order to avoid this problem, and this alone may be enough to make that dandruff go away for good.

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In order to follow each of the first two suggestions, you will need to make sure the dandruff shampoo you are using is strong enough to work when used only twice per week, and while this is the suggested usage for all dandruff shampoos, not all are strong enough to accomplish this for serious cases of dandruff; try some different dandruff shampoos until you find the one that works properly for you!

When you follow these tips, you will no longer have to deal with the unsightly flakes or with the annoying itchy head – as your dandruff problem will finally be cleared up for good!

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