Tips For Completing A Long Project

When you are working on a project for school or for work that can be completed in a single day or in a single afternoon, you will not need much in the way of strategy for completing this project, beyond simply sitting down and working on it until it is finished; one thing that tends to give people more problems, however, are those projects that are stretched out over a long period of time, and that you must work on incrementally, but the good news – if you have one such project facing you – is that there is an easy solution to getting these projects done.

In the same way that you would sit down to knock out a project all at once, you should work on a long-term project by setting aside certain blocks of time – for instance, five hours on a Saturday afternoon; with each block of time that you have set aside for work, you should break the project down even more, as it can be difficult to work on a project for five consecutive hours while still maintaining a high level of work. If you have set aside, say, five hours on a Saturday afternoon, the best way to attack this project from this point is to work in 45 minute increments, with a 15 or 30 minute break in between each burst of work; in this way, you will be able to maintain a high quality of work throughout, as you will be continually giving your mind the breaks it requires.


Using your breaks in a beneficial manner is another key to maintaining a high level of work – that is, making sure your breaks energize your brain, instead of continuing to tax it; a few ideas to consider for replenishing your brain during your breaks are the following: go for a short walk outdoors, take a short power nap, or even just close your eyes and think about nothing at all for a bit.

And finally, if your entire project needs to be squeezed into a handful of days, follow the process listed above, but shorten each break whenever you have the energy to do so; in this way, you will continue building up a time bank for your project, and when you need a really long break, you will be able to take it – and soon, you will have this project completed and behind you at last!