Tips For Finding The Perfect Writing Spot

If you are wanting to get started as a writer (or even if you have been a writer for a while), one thing that will be important is that you establish what your perfect “writing spot” is. Of course, your perfect writing spot will be unique to you – which is fitting, as most of the aspects of the writing process are approached in a unique manner by every different writer – but there are also a few different categories into which your writing spot is likely to fall, and by having an understanding of these categories, you will be better equipped to figure out which category you best fit into.

A desk alone: Because writing allows people to be so casual, many writers find that it is helpful for them to “dress up” the act of writing – and in keeping with these aims, they try to make sure they are wearing the same sort of clothes they would have to wear to a job as they write, and for their writing spot, they pick an area where they can be alone at a desk and work on their manuscript.


A comfy spot alone: Of course, for other writers, one of the major appeals of the craft is the opportunity writing gives for comfort, and for these writers, the perfect writing spot is a place where they can wear comfortable clothes and sit comfortably while they capture their story on computer or on paper.

Out among the people: And in every generation of writers, there are those who find that their best writing comes when they are out among the people, writing in a coffee shop or in some other such busy, buzzing area where they have to block out the noise in order to fully focus.

Of course, just about every author finds that some combination of the above tends to slip into their writing life (after all, sometimes it is necessary to change things up a bit!), but each writer also has a specific writing spot they prefer – and if you are wanting to become a writer yourself, it will be hugely helpful for you to figure out which of these areas will work best for you.