Tips For Masking The Smell Of A Litter Box

If you have a closet or a room no one uses in which you can stash your cat’s litter box, you will not have to worry about masking the smells that emanate from this necessary evil, but if you have your litter box hidden in the corner of a room that people still use, you will certainly want to make sure you know how to mask the smell of a litter box. After all, you can clean the litter box frequently and can even change out the litter frequently, but sometimes – especially when it gets to be hot in the house – it seems as if there is no way to make the smell disappear, unless you follow these tips!

The first thing you are going to want is litter that is good at masking the smell of what it is hiding; while there are certainly variances to this policy, the best approach is to realize that the more expensive the litter is, the better job it will do of masking the smell – which is usually a worthwhile investment.


Another thing to be aware of is the fact that the smell of the litter box will pour into the air more readily if the litter box is open to the air, but if you have a covered litter box, the smell will remain much more contained – and in fact, a covered litter box with a towel partially covering the opening will do even more to prevent the smell from escaping.

And it will also, of course, be necessary that you frequently clean the litter box if you want to minimize the smell; though you may not have realized it, the main thing that causes the stench of a litter box is the cat’s urine, and in order to keep up with this, you should take a couple minutes to clean out the litter box every day.

The litter box is certainly the worst part of owning a cat, but when you follow these tips to cover up the smell of a litter box, you will find that you notice the smell a whole lot less!