Tips For Picking Out A Wedding Band For The Man

There will be a lot of thought that goes into picking out the wedding ring for the woman when a man and a woman are approaching marriage (sometimes, of course, this “lot of thought” will be on the part of the man, and other times the couple will work together to pick something out), but one thing that can easily get lost in the kerfuffle of picking out and paying for an engagement ring is the fact that you will need to pick out a ring for the man as well – and in the long run, this ring will be just as important as the ring that was picked out for the woman, as the man will be wearing it every single day as well.

Most engagement rings and wedding bands for women are made of white gold these days, and the fact that white gold is handsome and classy is among the pros of getting a white gold wedding band for the man to match; the cons of white gold, on the other hand, are the same for the man as they would be for the woman: white gold can fade, and it is more likely to get scratched than are a number of other metals.

A step up in price from white gold will have you looking at platinum rings, but while platinum certainly looks great – and while it is much sturdier than white gold, which will prevent it from getting scratched or from getting that “worn” look – it is also even more expensive than white gold, which is enough to keep some people away.


If you are wanting to find a great deal on a very handsome ring, however – a ring that will be stronger than any other option, and that will not get scratched or look worn at all – you should consider tungsten carbide; these rings can cost under $100 (a fantastic deal, as far as wedding bands go!), and they will last for the rest of your life – but one con to buying a tungsten carbide ring is that they cannot be refitted, as the melting point is too high to allow for this to be an easy process!

Put a bit of time and thought into picking out the wedding band for the man in the marriage, and you will both be able to be certain that you are satisfied with the final selection.