Tips For Shrinking Polyester Clothes

If you have a polyester shirt that you would love a whole lot more if it was just a little bit smaller, there may be a solution for you. Although you will hear that it is impossible to shrink polyester, this is not actually the case if you know what you are doing. Because of the fact that polyester is a synthetic material, you will not be able to shrink it much; you will, however, be able to adjust the fit of something just a little bit.

Heat is the most important thing when it comes to shrinking polyester; this is why you will find that the washing instructions on your polyester clothes advise you to wash your clothes in cold water and to dry them on a low temperature. In order to shrink these polyester clothes a little bit, these washing instructions must be ignored!


The first thing you will want to do is turn your shirt (or pants, or whatever it is you are wanting to shrink) inside out. This will help you preserve the color of the shirt as it goes through the heat of the washer and dryer. You will want to wash your polyester clothes on the highest possible temperature, unless your washer has a “boil wash” setting, which can cause polyester to harden. If you are simply wanting to shrink the clothes, you do not need to use detergent; the main thing is getting them in that hot water for a fair amount of time.

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When the wash cycle is finished, transfer the clothes immediately to your dryer, and set it to dry the clothes on the hottest setting. You will want to make sure the clothes dry for long enough that they become completely dry; if they are still damp when you take them out, you will not have the desired results. Lastly, try the clothes on and see if they have tightened up as much as you would like them to. You may have to repeat this process one or two additional times to get your clothes to just the right size.

It is not possible to shrink polyester a great deal in the way you could cotton or wool, but you can still adjust the fit a bit, if you take the proper steps!