Tips For Stopping A Losing Streak As A Coach Or Player

If you are the coach of a sports team, or if you are a member of a sports team, and you have been mired in a long losing streak, it can be disheartening, and it can seem like there is no end in sight – but while teams in such losing streaks often end up perpetuating their situation, you can buck this trend and stop the losing streak altogether, as long as you know a few simple things that you should pay attention to!

One of the biggest mistakes teams tend to make when they are stuck in a losing streak is that they start trying too hard, almost as if they are trying to win back all those games they lost, or as if they are trying to compile a winning streak all in one game, but the best way of all to approach your games at any time – and especially when you are in a losing streak – is to simply focus on winning one game at a time.

As you get yourself into the habit of only looking at the game in front of you – trying only to win that game – you can also narrow your focus down to identifying the things you have been doing wrong (that is, the things that have contributed to the losing streak); once you have successfully identified the problem areas on your team or in your performance, you can start to slowly focus on fixing those areas.


And in addition to focusing on the areas where you have been performing poorly and trying to fix these, you should also focus on the areas where you have been performing well; when you focus on these areas, you will be able to find ways to accentuate them, playing to your strengths and to the other team’s weaknesses, and this will help you to begin to turn things around.

When you are a coach or a player on one such team, putting an end to a long losing streak is not always easy, but as you take these steps – continuing to focus on one game at a time, continuing to improve, and continuing to compete – you will soon find yourself emerging at the other end of the tunnel!