Tools you will Need for Tiling

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Have you ever seen a tiling job and wished that you to could have these beautiful floors? Why be jealous, when you can do this yourself? Tiling can be fairly easy to do when you know the steps and have the tools at your disposal. Start off by doing a bit of reading to aquaint yourself with the steps required to tile. The steps are incredibly straight forward but you still need to know them. One book that can provide you with the steps and lots of ideas are @@AMAZONTEXT;0696221136;Stanley Complete Tiling@@. After you understand the steps, you have got to get your hands on some tools.

You will need to either invest in a 7” @@AMAZONTEXT;B0000TN120;wet table saw@@, or a set of hand tile cutters, this will allow you to make exact cuts so that your tiles fit together nicely. A cutter is pretty much a must and you have to have a wet saw if you are going to use an electrical saw otherwise your tiles will basically shatter. Gloves, safetly glasses, and ear protection is also a must for when you are cutting tile.  This is a loud procedure and chips of tile to tend to fly everywhere.

A @@AMAZONTEXT;B0007M6B9A;laser level square@@ is also a handy tool to purchase for when you are laying out the tile.  This will help to keep your tiles all in a line. We definately want straight tiles in order to have the cleanest look to your tiled flooring. You will also have to get a @@AMAZONTEXT;B001DQCAA8;mortar trowel@@ to spread the mortar onto the tiles and floor. The purpose of the trowel is to help keep the amount of mortar consistant under all of the tiles. As you tile, one of the last things you will have to do is grout between the tiles.

You can grout with a little less mess by using a grouting bag. Any extra grout that gests on the tiles needs to be removed with sponges or rags.  You may wish to purchase extras so they can just be tossed at the end. The final step involves sealing the grout after everything is dried and cured.  This is an extremely important compound to put on and should not be forgotten. The key to tiling is basically having the right tools for your use, the rest is just following the steps.

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