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The Total Gym® Total Body Trainer has been a amazing staple for those who want to workout at home for now 40 years!  In fact, the Total Gym® Total Body Trainer is so popular that about 2 years ago when I started to publicly advertise my one on one services at my studio that I had a overwelming response from not only live clients but tons of people wanting someone to create a online resource for people to get my unique formula that has helped all my clients get in great shape. I have stumbled onto a effective solution for anyone using a Total Gym® Total Body Trainer who wants to really get great results.  Having trained hundreds of clients and using the Total Gym® Total Body Trainer myself for years, I know that the secret formula I use works! But I need to admit something to you. Even after being a fitness professional for 20 years and having a body that I was very happy with 2 MAJOR things happened that completely changed my life and my body.

Turning 40 marked the event in life for me that we all go through. Suddenly I could not do super intense 2 hour workouts any more. My usual routines of yoga, martial arts and Total Gym® Total Body Trainer workout that were usually 90 minutes-2 hours long started to leave me drained. My belly started for the first time began to get more flabby then ever and I just started to feel weaker and discouraged. Additionally my my joints would ache after workouts.

Here I was a fitness professional of 20 years and I was quickly gaining weight and looking just unhealthy!

I was blessed…