Unsure if Colon Cleanses Are For You?

Have you considered adding a colon cleanse to your health routine, but are a bit unsure? You can choose from a variety of types of colon cleanse to find the one that works best for you. But how can you pick out a safe, gentle colon cleanse that won’t be too much for a new cleanser such as yourself?

Colon cleanses have become stable pieces in the detox end of health regimens because they rid your body of excess waste, resulting in a slimmer waistline, more energy, and a sense of starting fresh. Most Americans eat lousy diets, resulting in bloating, constipation, and the storage of extra crap – literarlly. Once you’ve used a colon cleanse, you can adopt healthier lifestyle and dietary habits that will promote regularity, resulting in a healthier you.

There are three types of commonly used colon cleanses. You can choose whichever type sounds best to you.

High colonics are probably the scariest for most newbies, as they involve high pressure water. However, high colonics are conducted by professionals, so you can relax, knowing the process will be over quickly and safely.

Natural colon cleanses are easy to take on at home; you simply eat and drink foods and beverages that will induce bowel movements. Look online for dietary colon cleanse recipes; you’ll find more than prunes and prune juice, although these classics are indeed very effective.

Another option is to follow a plan that uses an over-the-counter colon cleanse product; these come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You’ll find a variety of colon cleanse products, including teas, powders, capsules, and drinks.

If this is your first colon cleanse, you’ll want to try something that promises to be gentle. Plan your colon cleanse such that you’ll have time to use the bathroom, and make sure you use the lowest dosage of the prescribed plan, slowly increasing how much you use until you get the intended effect. Make sure you can handle the product or diet plan before you take more.

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