Upgrade your Amazon Account

Do you make a lot of purchases online?  If this describes you, you should consider upgrading your amazon account. Amazon has created a very worthwhile opportunity with this account. The cost may initially seem outrageous for this account but ultimately you can save a lot of money by upgrading.

Amazon has set the price for their prime account at $79 a year.  Lets consider the benefits of shopping onine and with a prime account. Christmas shopping should be a pleasureable experience but it never is because of the crowds and the rush. Now imagine skipping the crowds all together and shopping from home. Amazon offers such a wide range of products that you can purchase everything from many of your monthly grocery list to professional tools for building homes. This is a huge convenience and time saving way to shop.

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The bulk of your savings with an Amazon prime account is through the massively reduced shipping cost. Any order that Amazon can fill themselves they offer two day free shipping on. Amazon goes one step further and offers one day shipping for $3.99.  This is a huge deal on shipping. Consider buying just a single book from Amazon without a prime account and you can begin to see how you can save money. Two day delivery on a standard account for a book is over ten dollars.  If you need the book sooner you can plan to pay over sixteen dollars for one day delivery. Consider that you only have to purchase eight separate things from Amazon and take advantage of the free shipping before you already paid for your account.

Plus a bonus that just got added to the prime accounts is unlimited free streaming of over 5000 movies, videos, and television shows. This could arguably give Netflix a run for their money.

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