Using a Rowing Machine to Stay in Shape

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Exercising with a rower on a daily basis can really help you to stay in tip top shape. Recently rowing machines have improved greatly from their humble beginnings. Really sloppy controls provided the resistance that made old rowers work. Smooth workouts were next to impossible because of this. The newest rowers are now electronically monitored, thus providing an exercise that is as well rounded as other cardio activities.

New rowing machines come in very compact packages. Rowing machines can fit into rather small areas of your house compared to other fitness machines. This makes them perfect for those in apartments or smaller homes. Rowing can be a ton of fun and provide a really great work out. Bikes and climbing machines only work small, distinct muscle groups. All the muscles in your body are used while rowing.

Rowing a boat is the motion that you will go through while using a rowing machine. The seat of the machine glides to and fro as your arms work the handles. The foot rests allow you to push off them in order to give yourself some extra power. All of your core muscle groups are used with these movements. This rowing machine is made in order for the movements of rowing to be duplicated rather well.

The monitor on the rower lets you track your work out stats. There are many things you can follow including the length, strokes, distance, and calories that you have gone through while rowing. These are all important measuring sticks to make sure that you are reaching the workout goals you have. With a rower you are able to burn calories without the wear and tear on your joints.

Other activities wear down your joints and bones while rowing does not, allowing you to row until you are rather old. Hopefully your rower will last you through your life time. Yet rowers can last a very long time considering they are made better than ever today. Stop ruining your joints and get into a rowing routine today!

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