Vacationing In Virginia

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The approach of summer means one thing for many families: It is time to start narrowing down the choices for this year’s summer vacation. While it would be wondeful, of course, to fly to Europe or to visit Australia, not everyone has the budget for such elaborate trips. Not to worry, however; there are plenty of wonderful vacation destinations in the continental US, and many of these places are ones you have probably never even thought of before!

One of the most beautiful areas in the country – with lovely ocean and majestic mountains and lots of beauty in between – is the state of Virginia. If you live close to Virginia – and even if you live a little ways away – it can be a wonderful, affordable vacation destination, no matter what you want!

If your vacation of choice is camping, Virginia has some of the best camping along the East Coast, with beautiful scenery and nice summer weather. One of the most popular destinations in Virginia is Sherando Lake, which is settled down in a quiet, gorgeous area in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

For couples that are looking for a week-long escape or even for a weekend getaway, bed & breakfasts are always a great option to consider. The bed & breakfasts of Virginia are signatures of the state, with some of the bed & breakfasts – including the Belle Hearth Bed & Breakfast – being ranked among the top bed & breakfasts in the country.

Of course, many families feel that a summer vacation is not complete unless it includes the beach, and Virginia Beach is one of the best East Coast beaches anywhere north of Florida! Virginia Beach has plenty of resorts, hotels, and beach houses, and it is one of the most family-friendly beach towns you will find anywhere in the States.

A “great vacation” does not necessitate that you spend lots of money; once this realization hits you, you can start to feel good about exploring other options. And out of all the available “other options” in America, you will certainly feel that Virginia is among the most appealing!


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