Visiting Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium

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If you are planning a trip to Chicago this summer, one of the areas you are sure to spend time around is Lake Shore Drive, which runs along the waterfront of Lake Michigan – and as you are spending time on Lake Shore Drive, one of the places you will probably stop by is the museum district. When you are in the museum district, make sure you budget in some time to spend at Shedd Aquarium, which is one of the most popular (and most highly-regarded) aquariums in the world!

In order to get the full effect of Shedd Aquarium, you should make sure you budget at least half a day to enjoy it, and if you have children, you might want to have a little more time than this, as they are likely going to want to linger in a number of different areas.

Shedd Aquarium has a wonderful program and map that you can get at the front desk when you go, which lists all the different areas of the aquarium as well as all the different shows “talks” that will take place throughout the day. The experts who conduct the “talks” at Shedd Aquarium are a treasure trove of knowledge, and not only will you learn a lot by listening to them, but you are sure to also come up with plenty of questions – all of which the expert is sure to be able to answer!


In addition to the incredible assortment of fish on display in the center tank, Shedd Aquarium also has a world-renowned shark display, several beautiful beluga whales, and a great collection of dolphins (the latter two of whom you can see from both above the water and from a glass front under the water!).

If you are an aquarium lover, Shedd is sure to give you everything you could want in an aquarium; but even if you are not an aquarium lover, you will certainly have a great time visiting Shedd and seeing all the beautiful animals.

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