Visiting the Bed & Breakfasts of Maine

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Despite being one of the gateways into the country, the state of Maine is one of the great untouched pieces of America. While the wilderness of Maine has a tendency to scare away all but the bravest explorers, the weather in Maine during the summer is actually quite pleasant. And if you take a trip along the coast of Maine, you will find some of the loveliest, most picturesque views you could find anywhere in the country. Regardless of whether you travel to Maine in order to see the beaches or the rest of the coast, or whether you visit to see the fishermen and fishing towns, or whether you visit for the lighthouses or seafood or breathtaking fall foliage, one of the most important things for your trip will be for you to stay in one of Maine’s gorgeous bed & breakfasts. Of all the things Maine is known for, the bed & breakfasts might be among the most worth visiting!


Down near the southernmost tip of Maine, only about an hour north of Boston, you will find the York Harbor Inn. This bed & breakfast was awarded Country Living Magazine’s coveted “Inn of the Month” award, and it is one of the most beautiful bed & breakfasts in America. And with rooms ranging from $100 to $200 per night, you can not only experience a bed & breakfast that no one should miss, but you can do so without blowing a whole bunch of money!


For anyone traveling to Camden, Maine – or, for that matter, for anyone traveling near Camden, Maine – make sure you check out the Timbercliffe Cottage Bed & Breakfast. This bed & breakfast offers a gorgeous, serene view of Penobscot Bay, and the rooms are extremely affordable at $125 to $165 per night. If you want to experience the lobster that the state of Maine is famous for, this is a great part of Maine to stay in, and you will also find great phot opportunities all up and down the coast.


Keep these two bed & breakfasts in mind, no matter where you are traveling in Maine, and no matter what time of year you are traveling there. Each of them is a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of life, into an admirable serenity.


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