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How To Lose 20 lbs in 6 Weeks… Guaranteed.

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“Before I tried the New Body Formula, I thought I was genetically destined to be obese and out of control with food my entire life. However, with just 6 weeks using the program, I’ve been able to feel satisfied with a healthy portion of healthy foods, cut the coffee and coffee cake addition, and ultimately drop a lot of weight.  While I didn’t quite hit the 22 pounds in 6 weeks,  I did drop 19 pounds and I’ve continued to lose the weight and keep it off. Thank you Simon for this program, I highly recommend it to everyone.”

“I hate the gym and can’t stand boring diet food so losing weight was really hard for me. I’d given up hope that I’d ever be slim again. When I found out about the New Body Formula I knew it would be for me. Finally I’d be able to slim down without being hungry. I lost 22 lbs quickly and easily all thanks to New Body Formula”

Men can expect to lose their love handles and get a lean athletic look with tastefully defined muscles. Lose your double chin and pot belly in 6 weeks!

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Over 30 time efficient, fat burning workouts that are extremely effective and guaranteed to rapidly transform your body. Combined with the New Body Eating Plan, you’ll be in such great shape that you’re friends and family will accuse you of having work done.

Inside you’ll have lifetime access to the most cutting edge tools available to help you live in the body you’ve always wanted. Including the simple New Body Food Choice System which is…