Welcome to the 8 Secrets of Mind Body Fat Loss


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80% of people who have lost excess weight, gain it all back within a year. So what are the 20% of successful “losers” doing right?

You try the new diet, the exercise program and you lose weight initially, only to find that eventually you gain it all back…. plus a little more?

That’s because even though you may initially lose weight, long term fat loss isn’t sustainable unless your mind is in the right space.

We’ve been taught: "Calories in, calories out" and "Eat less, exercise more". But there’s something even bigger, more essential, and more important to having that beautiful body.

"After exhausting myself with other weight loss plans such as Body for Life, Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem I thought it would be impossible to lose my extra 80 pounds from my baby weight that wasn’t coming off after my baby was 18 months. That’s when I found Mind Body Fat Loss. It sounded promising, but to be honest I was still skeptical because I had tried EVERYTHING!

Since working with Mind Body Fat Loss, I have consistently and effortlessly lost 5 pounds a week. I will forever be grateful for the principles and techniques I have learned. The internal shift happened almost without me even realizing it. This is now my new way of being and living, and so it is effortless to keep the weight off."

I realized that I was always trying too hard, now I am trying Smart and it is so easy! And I just LOVE my new sexy body!!!!"

"I just wanted to write and tell you guys how grateful I am for your program. I have struggled with weight is seems my whole life. I started to think that I was just destined to be overweight. I had tried every other program out there. It wasn’t until I landed upon Mind Body Fat Loss that I discovered the emotional blocks that were sabotaging me every time. I had some amazing insights with this program and with the lifestyle “upgrades”, you offered, I don’t feel deprived or hungry ever! I lost more weight than I had even hoped for, altogether 30lbs, and I have easily kept it off by applying the principles you have taught me."

Thank you so much for helping me achieve the impossible!!!!! Each day when I wake up, I’m so excited to jump out of bed and get dressed. Thank you, Thank…